Saturday, April 13, 2019

Weekend Leisure Post - To Renovate Or Upgrade?

For the past few days, the hottest local news is non other than the preview (soft launch) of the Jewel Changi Airport, for those lucky few who have gotten the free preview tickets, sure to have a blast there. From the videos/photos shared in the social media so far, I feel proud that for a tiny country like us, we can grind out something as spectacular and grand as this! 

As for the international news, it's the buzz regarding the upcoming premiere of long-awaited Marvels Universe sequel Avengers - Endgame (from 24th Apr 2019). In local context, it has "forced" Shaw cinema chain to introduce an online queuing system to purchase the ticket (yes, you hear it right, before you can access the site to book your advanced ticket, you need to get a queue number and they will send you a link to access the site when your queue is up!). Beside downing the servers of the cinema chains in the region (due to the high volume of traffics), long queues are forming at selected ticket box offices just to buy the movie tickets (crazy right?). To top it off, cinema chains in the region are competing to screen the earliest show on the first day. So far, I think the winner is from Hong Kong cinema chain whereby their  earliest show is at 6 AM. Mind you, it's on Wednesday and the movie is 3 hours and 2 minutes long :-)

On the personal front, am busy looking around and discussing with IDs (Interior Designers) on renovating our 15 years old home. The quotes received so far is between $80K to $120K, this set us thinking whether it would be more meaningful to sell our existing house and upgrade to EC or Condo rather than spending this hefty renovation cost? Of course, we need to think through a few other factors before making final decision... More to come on this...


Sunday, April 7, 2019

To Dox Or Not To Dox, That's The Question, Or Is It?

At the moment, the hottest local news is "fake news". Reason being that Singapore Government is set to make the spreading of fake news as outlaw. Thanks to this fake news thing, I've learnt something new today. Along came the newly learnt term dox, doxing or doxxing..

So what is dox (or doxing)?

Accord to Google translate, Doxing is defined as:

"search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent."

What it means is that once the Protection from Harassment (Amendment) Bill is passed, anyone committed the act of doxing will deemed outlawed with the following penalty:

"If the personal information is published to cause harassment, alarm or distress, the maximum sentence is a $5,000 fine and 6 months jail term"

"If the personal information is published to cause fear of violence or facilitate violence, the maximum sentence is a $5,000 fine or up to 12 months jail term"

Personal information here includes names, email address, phone number, password, photograph (even such information is readily available online elsewhere, e.g. from that person's social media profile).  

I am guilty of occasionally sharing viral videos/photos (but not personal identifiable information) via my Facebook profile, I guess from now on I need to think twice (or trice) before committing any potential act of doxing. 


Saturday, April 6, 2019

MRT Map by 2030

In about 11 years time and assuming everything goes as planned, our MRT map will look something like the one on the left. 

For a small country like Singapore, I must say that our public transport is very comprehensive and convenient. Even though there were frequent breakdowns (minor and major) in the past 2 years or so, I can see that there are vast improvement recently, especially from the start of the year (touch wood!), but I think we are going on the right direction in ensuring a more stable public train system. 

For a public transport taker like me, I am happy with the busier lines as it will provide more alternative options for going to the same place. Besides, I believed the value of properties (private or public) along the new lines (especially the Thomson-East Coast Line) will have potential to demand a premium in the near future. 

Clearer version of Singapore MRT Map by 2030


Monday, March 25, 2019

Paraguay’s Success Story in Chasing Prosperity (Guest Post)

Among the impressive performers in global economic standings the previous year is the South American nation of Paraguay. Its economy has been gaining ground since 2003 and has been steadily generating international interest. This is the reason why a lot of private investment companies have been concentrating their efforts here.

And speaking of global interest in Paraguay, the foreign investing community is quite active in the country. In fact, it is among the most influential sectors that have pushed the country’s prosperity index up the rankings.

This is evident in the 2018 Legatum Prosperity Index, sponsored by the Legatum Foundation, which shows Paraguay’s impressive growth in various criteria such as Economic Quality, Business Environment, Governance, Personal Freedom, Social Capital, Safety & Security, Education, Healthy, and Natural Environment.

Reports reveal that developments from 2008 to 2018 in all those categories were largely spurred by the modernization projects led by the government and supported by foreign investors. Paraguayans are proud of their nation’s performance and are optimistic about the even bigger progress their country can achieve.

A Growing Economy Makes People Happy

The economic rise of Paraguay continues to spawn more positive changes. With a hopeful population, it has become so much easier to gain their cooperation, particularly with economic reforms. The people are open and responsive. Most of them are willing to provide their support for programs designed to make prosperity accessible for every individual.

For example, with healthcare, the government has allocated a huge investment toward nationwide vaccinations and prenatal care programs. The general public has poured out support for it, especially after reports reveal that Paraguay has seen a big difference in mortality rates due to the efficiency of the delivery of healthcare programs.

Complementary studies also show that apart from the 1.5 years added to the people’s life expectancy, citizens report higher happiness levels, too, due to lesser strife in their life in general — something crucial to people’s overall well-being.

Better Educational System Lowers Poverty Rates

Worth directing attention to as well are the improvements in the nation’s educational system. Since the 1990s, new learning facilities have risen in various locations to make education, particularly higher or advanced education, more accessible. From that time, 10 new universities have opened and increased Paraguay’s academic competency.

Education undoubtedly plays a significant role in boosting the country’s workforce. Now that the environment is ideal for rearing “productive dreamers” (these are people who have a vision for the country and proper training from school to turn their dreams into reality either as professionals or entrepreneurs), there are more solid contributors to Paraguay’s emerging economy.

Further fortifying the education sector’s contribution to the economy is how more and more citizens are able to climb to a higher economic level. With higher educational attainment, it is no surprise that coinciding it are lower poverty figures.

Infrastructure Developments Attract More Investors

Progress “seen” never fails to draw in success-oriented entities. 

One of the most important variables that investors consider is the readiness of a location for further development. Paraguay has definitely been putting in the work. The government has directed a generous portion of its resources to create a good foundation for important infrastructure to rise.

Notably, since 2014, there has been continuous work to make Internet connectivity and electricity accessible in remote rural locations. Not only that, but transport networks have also allocated hefty budgets to improving roads and providing not just affordable but also comfortable means of transportation for the public. These transport links ensure citizens have access to a system that will efficiently and safely take them to different parts of the country.

Best of all, government-funded housing for citizens has grown in number and the quality of these low-cost residences has improved as well.

With the government displaying an understanding of its true priorities, foreign investors can only interpret it as a warm invitation to work together in creating more ideal conditions in Paraguay.

The Story is Far From Over

Analysts say Paraguay is moving in the right direction. The government’s reform programs paired with the interest and aid of the global community are pushing the country up the path of success.

However, a lot of work still needs to be done, and there’s still an abundance of issues slowing down the journey. Government corruption and domestic violence are still prevalent, and there are organized crime institutions affecting the results of development initiatives.

But, if Paraguay will learn to address these negative elements more effectively and fully take control, there is no doubt that it could take an even bigger leap toward prosperity and better safeguard the future of its citizens.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

So What's Up 2019?

It has been exactly a month since my last post, time really fly, we are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2019 and so far I have not done any transaction (in terms of investment) since the beginning of the year. I am happy to just keep receiving the occasional traditional kopi treats in the form of minion size of dividends. 

So what have I been busy with recently? 

This year, we plan to completely overhaul the our home (after more than 15 years) and hence been busy liaising with IDs and researching about our new decoration theme. As we expected that it will take a while for us to ding-dong with the selected ID, tentatively we are expecting to get the renovation started in the month of Apr/May 2019. Also, initial assessment seems to take about 6 to 8 weeks for the whole renovation, so, by the time we move in the "revamped" home, it will be around Jun/Jul 2019 (hopefully before the lunar 7th month :-). It also means that we need to source for some short-term accommodation during this period and it is still in progress. 

Also, been busy doing some regular movie review videos (in Mandarin) with a friend from Malaysia.  since I am a movie buff, always get more excited when talking/sharing about movies, but not so much when talk about investing/personal finance (I think I shared before that investing is not my (natural) cup of tea). 

Lastly, I am in the midst of reading a book by James E. Ryan called "Wait, What?". It's a tiny book but quite useful as it try to convince the readers that "good question is as important as good answer!". 

Some of the life essential questions covered in the book are:

"Wait, What?"
"I Wonder...?"
"Couldn't we at least...?"
"How can I help?"
"What truly matters?"

That's all from me today, hope you folks no need to wait for another month to see my next post :-)


Sunday, February 17, 2019

You will have to trade with the mind, not the money (Guest Post)

Take this with a lot of salt for the sake of proper performance in the business of Forex. Your mind will be used mostly for trading instead of thinking of the money involved. It will make your performance better. There will also be a good income from the business. So it becomes obvious that the earning will require the traders to forget about money. Think of all the different process of trading in the markets. There will be proper maintenance of trades with stop-losses and take-profits. Even before that, the trades will have to make proper sizing of the trades. The limits of closing a trade will require some sort of reference to work with. Using all necessary fundamentals, the traders will be able to secure their trading process. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can design the trading process without thinking properly. All of them will not require any kind of attention to the capital.

Forget about the concept of trading for profits

Let’s dive in deep with the concept of forgetting about profits from the trades. If there will be intentions of making profits, the traders cannot think of the right position sizing. From there, the trades will not have any proper placements. Think about a decent trading process for an instant. If you will be working with a trade, there will have to be proper risks and profit targets. This profession might be the first one for you to take your opinions for granted. And it is good for decent execution of trades. As the markets are not right to let you know about the signals properly, this process can help with proper maintenance. And all the necessary profess must not let any kind of distraction inside. The money tensions and greed will do just that to all of the trades. So, think of the pips rather than the profit margins.

Psychological impacts on trading

Psychology plays a great role in your trading success. Those who have complete control over their emotions are the ultimate winners of the Forex market. Forex trading in Singapore is a very profitable business but due to the emotional approach of the novice traders, things become messy. You have to trade the market based on logic and calculations. Learn to control your mind so that you can place quality trades without thinking about the money. 

Less distraction in planning will help the trades

The intentions of making money from trading is a result of another thing. It is also related to the money. This time, the traders will be suffocating from their trading capital. It will be in hand of yours all the time. Without being controlled properly, there will not be right planning for the trades. So, every trader will have to think about proper management of the risk per trade. Even the whole account balance must be maintained properly in the business. You will have to get rid of any unnecessary or extra capital inside of the trading account. Think of having about $1000 worth of investment into your trading account. If you think about investment into the individual trades with about $100, there will not be proper setups. The trading process will definitely be pressurized with tensions. Therefore, the system of trading with sizes will not look legitimate to your eyes.

Every possible caution will have to be present

To make money into the business of Forex, a trader will have to learn about saving first. Because the process and plans for trading will not be ready to handle good or even a decent amount of profit target. Things like the right market analysis and proper maintenance of trades will take time for the traders to learn. That is why all the traders will have to learn about being safe into the execution of trades.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Top 5 2019 CNY Movies Of Our Choice

2019 Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner, I believed most people are busy with the spring cleaning, CNY cookies tasting and buying, new clothes in preparation of the Year of Pig. This is my year (本命年) and after 4 cycles, I am blessed that I can still sharing stuff on this blog (and elsewhere), enjoying simple life and keep going. 

Being a movie buff, watching CNY movies with family and friends during CNY period is always one of the celebration highlight. This year, there are plenty of choices, out of more than 10 CNY movies, my friend and I have hand-pick 5 CNY movies to watch out for.

Check out the video clip below (Language : Mandarin, 10 minutes):

List of recommended CNY movies are:
神探蒲松龄 (成龙主演)
流浪地球 (吴京演)
Alita - Battle Angel
(not a true CNY movie but still one of the pick as it will be screen during CNY period)
Do you have the habit of watching CNY movies during CNY period? If yes, which CNY movie(s) will you be watching in cinema?  


Sunday, January 13, 2019

What Type Of Angler Are You In Your Investment Journey?

First, I need to clarify that fishing is not my cup of tea. I was inspired by what I've seen yesterday evening to pen this post. When I was doing my weekend walk-a-jog along Lorong Halus, near the East Entrance of Coney Island, I saw a bunch of anglers scattered around the shore and enjoying their time, some in solitude, some are with their group of friends.

Most of the anglers are using fishing rods, a few are using the fishing nets with handle while I vividly saw one of them is using plain fishing net. This set me thinking, wouldn't us, the retail investors, are doing the same thing (in our investment journey)? we are using different approach/methods (Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Income Investment etc...) with the hope to obtain some profitable returns (in the angler's perspective, the fish).

So, what type of the angler are you in your investment journey?  

1. You are using the fishing rod. You know what you are doing and you've gotten all your knowledge, skills, tools ready (the fishing rod, the bait, sourced the perfect location etc..), you are there just to enjoy your time and pretty sure that it is a matter of time the fish will get hooked. Of course, at times you might still go home empty handed but that's not within your control.  

2. You are using the fishing net with handle. You are not very knowledgeable/skillful in terms of fishing (investment for that matter) but like to try your "luck" at a very small area by using whatever tool you have on-hand (the fishing net with handle). If  "luck" is at your side, you might go home with full-load but most of the time, you are mentally prepared that you will go home empty handed.  

3. You are using the plain fishing net. Similar to "Fishing net with handle" but you are much more aggressive and prepared to try your "luck" with bigger tool (read: more expensive) at a bigger area. Again, "luck" play an important role here.  

4. You are not an angler but still enjoying watching people fishing. Fishing is not your cup of tea but you will still cheer for those anglers and enjoy watching/learning how they did it. You belongs to NATO (No Action, Talk Only) camp :-) 
You are the one at the back
I am sure some of you might not agreeable with my analogy but if you do, which type of angler are you?


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Open Electricity Market - First Thing I Did in 2019 Is To Switch

iSwitch Open Electricity Market
I am excited that finally Singapore's electricity market is opening up and we (as consumers) have more choice and say in selecting our preferred retailer. Of course, the most important thing is because of the "competition", the consumers can enjoy more competitive rate (as opposed to only with SP previously).

I have the privilege to switch my electricity supplier from 1 Jan 2019 (as I am staying in Zone 1 of their rolling out schedule) and have done some brief homework (i.e. comparing price and retailers). By the way, there are as many as 22 retailers to choose from (excluding SP). 

Open Electricity Market - Rolling Out Schedule
Open Electricity Market - Rolling Out Schedule

Finally, I've decided to switch to iSwitch yesterday. 


1. I've chosen the fixed price plan and they are cheapest in the market. Their current rate is $0.1766 per kWh (SP's current rate is $0.2413 per kWh). So, based on the initial estimation, I should be saving about 20% of the electricity bills from next month onward (the switch will take 10-12 working days to take effect).   

2. The switch is quite seamless and everything is online. As I made the switch with one of their sales agent, they help me fill-up everything in their mobile device and instantly I've received the confirmation email about the switch. 

3. SP is still behind the scene in supplying the electricity hence stability remained. In short, there is no separate installation required for the switch, I just take it as a change of billing provider while saving cost. 

I think this is a no-brainer for the switch, the question is to WHO? For more details about the Open Electricity Market, you are recommended to do your homework at their official site here. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How Can Cryptocurrency Be Applied Beyond Peer-to-Peer Payments?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are about to revolutionise the way we move money around, and this will
signal the end of the third-party handlers, namely banks and credit card companies who have been
taking a slice of the action since time began. Peer to peer payments can be made by individuals across
the globe using blockchain technology, with instant and anonymous funds transfer at the speed of
light, yet there are other applications for cryptocurrencies and more specifically, blockchain technology.

four round silver-colored and gold-colored Bitcoins

Image Source: Unsplash

Customer Loyalty Programs

Commonly used in all industries, customer loyalty programs using Bitcoin as an incentive could reignite
a dying sector. It is estimated that around 30% of all customers who join loyalty programs, leave without
ever using the benefits, and perhaps Bitcoin is an attraction worth having. Cryptocurrency is hard cash,
which is always be the best incentive for customers to respend, and as the target is digital, it is very easy
to monitor and control.

Breeding New Industries

Cryptocurrency has spawned a new investment sector, with many specialist brokers who advise big
investors and there are Bitcoin dealers online who offer a wide range of investment opportunities in the
cryptocurrency market, with bitcoin exchange for Melbourne investors easily carried out using a
smartphone. Bitcoin has always been a roller coaster ride for the investor and there are as many who
lost it all as there are who became rich, and with a recent drop to around the $4k mark, now might be
the right time to invest in Bitcoin. If you owned a Bitcoin on Christmas Day 2017, it was worth a
whopping $17.5k, and many investors correctly read the signs and dumped at that time, causing a slump.

Man, Business, Adult, Suit, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Image Source: Pixabay

Charity Boost

The ease with which cryptocurrency can be moved around will most definitely help major charities,
with instant and anonymous donations that can be made for free, by anyone and from anywhere. No
credit card or bank information is needed for a cryptocurrency transaction, as both donor and
recipient have private keys that interact, thus creating a new data block that is added to the chain.
Much of the money given to charity is gobbled up in the transfer, and blockchain technology puts an
end to that.

Loan Security

Bitcoin can be used as collateral for a loan, as it is as good as cash, and if two parties come to an
agreement, funds can be transferred and released according to the agreed terms and conditions. The
banking sector is terrified of the potential damage that blockchain technology can send their way and
are already investing heavily into ways of establishing some form of control within the blockchain.

Person Using Laptop Computer on Table

Image Source: Pexels

The future is looking rosy for Bitcoin, as it is the leading cryptocurrency and is forecast to become the
most used method of funds transfer. If you would like to invest in cryptocurrency, all it takes to find a
local Bitcoin dealer is an online search, and you can take the first steps towards a secure long-term
investment in what will soon be universally applied.

This article is published in partnership of Mediabuzzer

Saturday, December 29, 2018

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing (Book)

It has been a while since my last post (almost a month, to be exact). As we are drawing closer to the end of 2018 and saying HELLO to 2019, thought it would be apt for me to write something as a closure for 2018. 

December is a festive season and lull period (read holiday season) for most employees (unless you are in sales with year end target to meet), I've taken a short break to Melaka, Malaysia to meet some friends, enjoy the local food as well as catching a performance called "Encore Melaka" (visually stunning with marvellous stage performances, worth the ticket)

Also, recently I've been reading a number of ebooks, there is one book in particular, If I Could Tell You Just On Thing (by Richard Reed) which I would like to share more about here. Basically, it's a collection of interviews with famous and heavy weights personnel/celebrities like Tony Blair, Simon Cowell, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Richard Branson etc... (you got the point). The objective is for them to share one and only one quote/motto/principle that they think might improve/change the life of the readers for the better. 

Some of my personal favourites are :

"Look for the pluses in life. Being negative completely erodes everything. If something bad happens, I always say cancel and continue and get back on track" ~ Dame Judi Dench 
“Make always the best from what you have, no matter how little it is.” ~ Lily Ebert, Auschwitz survivor
"Just do one thing. And aim to become best in the world at it" ~ Jony Ive 
On the same note, if I were to be asked to give a response to "If I Could Tell You Just One Thing", my response will be:

"Always keep going and keep smiling!"

What's yours? 

As regards to my investment portfolio, I didn't have much action recently and probably I will write another post on this. On high level, it (2018) should be at a double-digit loss year for me. 

Other than the performance of my investment portfolio, I think my 2018 is doing pretty well and looking forward to 2019 for new challenges and experiences. 


Saturday, December 1, 2018

3 Movies To Check Out In This Christmas Season

Ho~Ho~Ho~ Christmas is just around the corner! 

Today, we are officially stepped into the month of December and heading towards the festive season, a season of giving. I believed it will be an action-packed month for most of us in the form of year end travelling, shopping (for the gifts), gatherings and feasting. Life is meant to live at the present moment as we can't relive yesterday and pre-live tomorrow, so, enjoy your live NOW!

For a movie buff like me, one of the thing that I am looking forward to is catching the blockbuster movies to be released in December. I've done a bit of research and have since shortlisted 3 movies releasing in December which I thought are worth watching. Seriously!

So, here we go...

1. Mortal Engines (6th Dec 2018)
Director : Christian Rivers 
Casts: Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar, Jihae
Sypnosis: A mysterious young woman named Hester Shaw joins forces with Anna Fang, a dangerous outlaw with a bounty on her head, and Tom Natsworthy, an outcast from London, to lead a rebellion against a giant predator city on wheels (from IMDB).

My take: Adapted from Phillip Reeve's novels with the same name (first of the four novels), I like its focus on the futuristic and steampunk version of London. Definitely worth a watch especially for sci-fi fans. 

2. Aquaman (13th Dec 2018)
Director : James Wan 
Casts: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman
Sypnosis: Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world. (from IMDB).

My take: This year's only DC superhero movie. As it is directed by James Wan (whom brought us Furious 7, Conjuring and Insidious franchise etc.), I have confident that this spin-off will be cool! 

3. Bumblebee (20th Dec 2018)
Director : Travis Knight 
Casts: Hailee Steinfield, Justin Theroux, Angela Bassett
Sypnosis: On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie, on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.  (from IMDB).

My take: This spin-off from Transformers franchise looks refreshingly good. Definitely worth paying for the movie tics.  

Which movie(s) will you be watching this month? Why?


P/S: Talking about Christmas season/movies, if you can understand Mandarin, do check out the compilation of our TOP 5 Christmas movies of all time in the following video clip (I am the one on the left :-)):

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Some Observations/Hacks From My Recent Bergen (Norway) Trip

norway fjord
Just back from 2-weeks free and easy holiday to London-and-Bergen. This is my first time to Bergen (Norway) and everything are pretty new and fresh to me. We spent about 6-full days each in London and Bergen so we managed to cover all our planned itinerary, except 1 in Bergen which I will share more later.

Overall, we have a great time there and thought I should share some of my experiences/observations/hacks in Bergen (Norway) which might be helpful for those readers who are planning to pay it a visit soon.

So, here we go:

1. Transport from Bergen BGO Airport to Bergen City Centre (The cheaper option)
If you are going to Bergen on free and easy basis, most likely you will be staying in the Bergen city centre, there is a convenient Airport Bus service called Flybussen which run on quite regular interval from the airport to the city centre (and vice versa).

It costs NOK115, about SGD19 (one way) or NOK195, about SGD32.50 (return) which is a much cheaper and convenient option (the bus is just right in front of the airport arrival exit hall). Also, it is cheaper to buy the ticket via the automated machine at the bus stop (with your credit card) than buying directly from the bus driver (at least that's what the bus driver told me). 
Flybussen Airport Bus
Oh, the journey from airport to the city centre is only about 20 to 25 minutes.

2. Norway is pretty cold and a true rain city
Being one of the Nordic countries, it is expected that Norway's weather (even for Bergen which is the southern part of the country) will be cold, what we didn't expect is the regular raining and the strong wind. So, if you are visiting Norway during the Autumn or Winter season, besides equip yourself with the proper winter attire, do bring along a "strong" umbrella or ponchos.
Snow in Autumn
For us, we just brought a small umbrella for sharing and we barely "survived". There are a few comical moments whereby our umbrella was flipped by the strong wind lol.

3. Buying Tickets for the attractions
Nowadays, most of the time we will book the tourist attractions ticket online (where possible) prior to the trip to avoid disappointment. However, there are some attraction like cable car ride which are weather condition-dependent i.e. the decision on whether it will be open for business can only be made on that day itself. For such attractions, it is not advisable to buy the tickets upfront (case in point is the Ulkerin365 Cable car ride, the itinerary that we missed due to the strong wind).
Ulkerin365 Cable Car
So, before you book the tickets, do read carefully as to whether the attraction will be ON regardless of weather condition?

4. High Standard of living
I am a little surprise that the standard of living in Norway is rather high. Some personal example:

a. a bus ticket within a standard minimal zone costs about SGD 6
b. a movie ticket (non 3D and non IMAX) costs about SGD 21
c. Two hot drinks and one sandwich costs about SGD40+ (at a coffee join like TCC in Singapore).
Kino - the movie theater in Bergen

I think you got the point...Just ensure you've brought sufficient cash there :-)

5. Top 3 Must Visit Places in Bergen
There are quite a number of worthy attractions in Bergen but if I were to choose, following are my top 3:

a. The "Norway In A Nutshell" Day Tour
This day tour bring you to the selected UNESCO protected Fjord (Nearoyfjord for our case) by cruise and follow by the Flam Railway steam train-ride with spectacular view.
View from Naeroyfjord - reaching the Flam Railway station

On the cruise at the Nearoyfjord

The interior of the steam train - Flam Railway

Brief stop at the train stop for photo taking

The Flam Railway train station
b. The Bryggen
The signature UNESCO site at Bergen.
Bryggen - The UNESCO site
Bryggen - The UNESCO site
c. Floibanen Funicular Ride
Take a funicular ride up to the top of Mount Floyen for a fantastical view. One of the most visited Bergen tourist attraction.
The Floibanen funicular station at the base
View from Mount Floyen

View from Mount Floyen 2
The track of the Floibanen
Hope you like my sharing. Till then...


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Everyone can be charitable NOW!

As a follow-up to my earlier post on Besides IQ, EQ and FQ, What About CQ?, thought maybe it is apt to share an positive experience that I've encountered through one of the volunteer event I attended recently. 

Two Saturday ago, decided to attend a volunteer event organized by Direct Life Foundation in bringing wheel-chair bound uncles/aunties to Jurong Bird Park for half-day excursion. 

It is half-a-day well spent as each of us (volunteer) are paired with one auntie or uncle and the mission is to bring them (in their wheel chair) to watch the shows/performances at various places (within the compound of Jurong Bird Park). It is a well organized event. Besides able to spend some quality time to chat with our paired auntie/uncle, it is a joy to see many of the young volunteers are not new to such event, it shows that they are having high CQ (Charity Quotation, you can refer to my earlier post to find out what is CQ) which is an encouraging sign.  

In fact, I got to know this charity event through a whatsapp group, so, it is really easy to get involved in such charitable event and most of the organizer welcome anyone to participate.

So, no more excuse, you no need to be rich or wait until FF to be charitable, everyone can do it NOW!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Is There Any IPO like Venom?

If you have not already know, Venom is the latest superhero movie (or more accurately anti-superhero) movie starred by the competent Tom Hardy (as Eddie Brock/Venom). Before its wide release last week, it has received terrible reviews/rating from the so called professional movie critics (including those in the reputable site like Rotten Tomatoes). 

However, audience from around the world didn't take heed from those "professionals", instead, they (include myself) thronged the cinemas and made Venom the top movie in its first week of release (amassed USD80 millions in the US Box Office along, the reported budget of the movie is USD100). In fact, majority of the reviews of movie goers are quite positive. 

Interesting, Venom is the latest blockbuster movie whereby professional movie critics and general movie goers are having two different extreme opinion, the good news is, the general movie goers get it right! 

So, if I were to use Venom's phenomena in stock, is there any recent IPO whereby the professional brokers are generally having a bleak review but has it has since garnered a very strong IPO opening (because the retail investors like it a lot more than the brokers).If yes, which one is it? 

Lastly, let's go back to the movie Venom, if you have not watched it yet and can understand Mandarin, do check out my simple movie review with a friend of mine below (in Mandarin though):


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