Sunday, January 14, 2018

SG Cares - Enabler To Foster A Giving Society

Yet another cooling day, another day to give my over-worked air-conditioning system a rest, how I wish we can have more of such weather (minus the rain). We are already at the end of second week of 2018, it has been non-event for me, besides accumulating a bit of of the Singtel shares, I did some more reading on blockchain related books, researching on some ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and continue writing post for my other pet project blog Blockchain SG.

Anyway, the focus of this post is on the "Do Good" part that all of us can participate in. From the recent sharing of the portfolio performances of blogger friends here, I believed most of us have a bumper year of 2017 and hence, the "Do Well" (financially) part has been taken care of.  

Yesterday, SG Cares officially launched their app (available in iOS and Google Play) to promote volunteerism as well as the act of giving. It's like a "market place" that matching the aspiring do-gooders with the matching social causes. All good causes under one roof! 

I've just downloaded the iOS app, the user interface is sleek and easy to use. Besides the listing of matching social causes/campaigns, it also has feature like "Stories" and "Learn" for users to share/learn more of the social causes within the community. Also, I quite like the "Inspiration" feature whereby it listed some random inspiring act/quotes and user can tap on it to indicate that they have done that too. Example of the inspiring acts/quotes are:

1. Hold the door open for someone today? 
2. Say hi to a stranger today!
3. Dream big and dare to fail etc..

Also, I find this promotional video (Because She Cares) very inspiring, check it out too:

Let's do good (on top of doing well) together to make it a better place for all!


Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Value Some of Life's Biggest Investments (Guest Post)

You will own many things in your lifetime but your home will be one of your most value assets. It is the place that you built with your hands and your children grew up in. Your home holds a value that cannot be explained in words. The traditional way every Australian lived was by building a family in one home. New trends have shown a different approach where a family only uses a house for nine to ten years.

Investing in a house has become a medium term investment given the volatile nature of real-estate market. The process of buying, selling, and maintaining a home is not an easy one. An experienced investor would be able to come out of it all ahead of others – or maybe way ahead.

Building the Value of your House

When buying a new home, it is advisable to make decisions rationally. Think things through from the start of your home search to the time you get the keys in your hands. Before you buy your home, make sure to study in great detail about the best kind of loans available. The best loan is one that is safe with a quick repayment period. Talk to your bank and decide on the loan that fits your profile.

Picking the right real estate agent is the second most important thing you can do when buying and selling your home. Ensure that the agent has the right amount of work experience in the real estate industry. Watch out for a “dual agent” where the agent represents both the seller and the buyer.

Understand the size of the home you are buying. It’s not the “per square foot” that you need to consider but the features and the design. Understand yours and your family’s needs before selecting a home. Check the location and survey the neighbourhood. If you have a growing family, look for schools nearby since a school within a few miles indicates a growing neighbourhood.

Maintaining the house is essential as it counts when you are valuing your house for sale. Having an updated kitchen with fresh greenery in the backyard and the front lawn helps improve the overall look of your house. Keep it updated as when you decide to sell your home sometime later, you will need minimum repairs.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Another medium term investment is investing in gold and silver. If you have some money in hand and are not ready to buy a home yet or start a family, investing in gold and silver can be a good option for you. Websites like Gold Stackers can help you invest the right amount in the right commodity.

Just like the price fluctuations in stocks, the price also fluctuates in silver and gold and other precious metals. A smart investment decision can help you build a fortune and generate greater returns on your investment.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Business Loan (Guest Post)

Businesses will require an additional injection of capital, big or small, several times throughout their cycle. Business loans are one of the options companies can look into to get additional funding which can be used various purposes: for purchasing additional IT equipment andmachinery, cover operating expenses, grow or expand your venture, etc.

Common Business Loan Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying for the right business loan and having it approved will depend greatly on avoiding several mistakes that you may commit during the whole process. As a business owner, you need to make sure you avoid making these grave errors during the loan application process:

1. Failing to have a clear picture of your business’s financial situation

This is the number one loan application mistake you can make from which all others can stem from. Having a messy bookkeeping and accounting system will make it difficult for you to understand where you are losing money and where you can best appropriate or use the loan for.

It is therefore important that you keep good financial records or at the very least, know the basics of bookkeeping. When you regularly review your financial records, you will be able to make accurate financial forecasts and create a suitable long-term financial plan for your business which will help you to borrow more wisely.

2. Not knowing your credit score

Your business credit score is one of the biggest factors banks and lenders will consider in reviewing your loan application. They will base the amount they will offer, related fees, interest rates, repayment terms, and even the actual approval of the loan on your business credit score.

Before applying for a loan, get a copy of your credit report from several credit bureaus. Also, make sure that your credit scores are up-to- date and accurate.

3. Having a poor business plan

When applying for a business loan, you can’t just submit your financial statements and other documents to assure the lender that you have a regular source of income. Keep in mind that if you are applying for a loan, you have to demonstrate how your business will continue to operate and make money.

With a good business plan, you will show the lender your goals, how you intend to reach them, supporting data, and your past and current financials. This key document will help convince the lender they should invest in your business.

4. Failing to have a clear idea of what the loan will be used for

All lenders will want to know where and how you will use the loan they will grant you. As such, you need to know the specific reasons why you need a loan and explain this thoroughly to the lender. The best business bank or lending institution will need to know how a loan will benefit your business.

5. Applying for the wrong type of business loan

There are different types of business loans and when applying for one, you should always match the type of loan to its purpose. For instance, if you have to finance commercial real estate, don’t take out a business loan with a 12-month term.

Also, avoid applying for a long-term loan to pay for some short-term expenses such as meeting payroll or purchasing additional supplies to satisfy your customer’s request. If you’re still in the initial stages of applying for a loan, look for a lender that offers the particular type of financing you need.

6. Selecting the wrong lending institution

There are now more establishments offering business loans: banks, credit unions, crowdfunding websites, etc. Take some time to evaluate all of your options. You can even send your applications to several lenders and when you receive an approval, carefully compare the offers to make sure you’re getting the best possible terms.

The lender you ultimately choose should be the one that offers the best deal suitable to your needs and payment capability.

7. Not reading the fine print

Lastly, before signing the contract or agreement, go over all of the loan fine print and carefully read every term and condition. Make sure you know the specific interest rate and if this is fixed or variable. If it varies, be sure you know when it will change.

Get all details about payment schedules, grace periods, late payment fees, and prepayment penalties, if you decide to pay off the loan early. In case you have any questions about any of these, discuss them with the lender before signing the agreement.

A business loan can be the best solution you can get if your company is struggling or needs a substantial amount of money quickly. However, to get prompt approval and to make sure taking out a loan won’t cause more financial issues for your business, study the different types of loans offered by various institutions. Make sure you prepare for the whole application process properly as well.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Turning Challenges Into Victories

Today is the last day of the year (2017), in a couple of hours' time, we will be ushering into a brand new year (2018), the year Of Dog (Chinese Zodiac). I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here:


Usually, this is the time of the year to recap (the achievements, lesson learnt aka mistakes of the previous year) and make resolution(s) for the new year. For me, I think I've stopped making resolutions for quite awhile, my motto is just to keep learning, keep going and keep smiling! 

Regardless of what stage are we, life is and will continue to be filled with challenges (big or small), it's a matter of mindset to look at it from another angle to turn it into victory and the following Chinese words said it all :
For those who can't read Chinese, basically there are 2 Chinese words on the left. If you view it straight, it mean CHALLENGE, but if you turn it upside down, it mean VICTORY). Chinese calligraphy is such a beauty!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Ripple - New Crypto In My Minion Crypto Portfolio

I've been eyeing to add Ripple into my minion Crypto portfolio for quite sometime but I've been procrastinating as the exchange that I am using, Coinbase haven't listed Ripple yet (hint hint). During the Christmas season period, I've made the move and open an account with Binance so that I can buy other alt-coins that are not listed in Coinbase. 

Immediately after that, I've accumulated about SGD800 worth of Ripple at SGD1.47. When I first chanced upon Ripple, I remember the price is around USD 0.40 cents (SGD 0.54). One thing for sure, crypto market movement is fast and furious and not for the faint hearted. 

Following are the reason why I bought Ripple:
1. Ripple is the first blockchain-based cross border payment solution provider (established since 2012) that has already providing (or testing) their solutions to well known corporate customers, mostly banks, in various  countries (e.g. MUFG [Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan], Santender, Standard Chartered, SBI Remit and American Express etc..) 

2. I am of the view that there is a very high chance that Ripple (being the third largest coin in market cap, after Bitcoin and Ethereum) will be listed in Coinbase. If this happens, the demand will increase tremendously. Currently, the biggest market of Ripple is actual from South Korea (through BitThumb):
Ripple - Top 10 Exchanges (South Korea is the Top market)
Note: Generally, South Korea/India exchanges' price is much higher than the rest of the world. 

3. There are (unconfirmed) news that Ripple is in talks to two giant/well known non-bank corporate customers to provide their payment solution. If the deals went through, it will be a great boost to the use cases of Ripple. 

4. Ripple is a non-mineable coins and hence speed of transaction can be contained (reported as 4 seconds). Also, it has a limited supply of 100 billions coins. Even though it is much higher than Bitcoin's 21 millions but because Ripple target market is corporate customers/banks, the coin usage is expected to be much higher. Anyway, coins with limited supply is always a positive sign (at least to me).

Following are my minion Crypto portfolio:

How is your Crypto Portfolio doing so far?


Note: This is not a recommendation of investment, investing in cryptocurrency is of high risk and make sure that you are prepared to lose all your capital! 

Exchanges that I am currently using:


Monday, December 25, 2017

5 Fun And Interesting Findings/Facts About ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

By now, I believed most of you know what is ICO (Initial Coin Offering), if you are still not sure what is ICO, you may check out my other other blog here on what is it and why you should care. 

Anyway, since my first ICO (Crypterium), click here to read more, I've read through a couple more ICOs and there are 5 fun and interesting findings/facts that I would like to share here:

1. Ethereum - Main Blockchain platform
Most of the ICOs are using the Ethereum as their underlying Blokchain technology, I guess this is expected as most of the ICOs are not pure cryptocurrency (like Bitcoins, Litecoin) but with specific use case(s) via Ethereum's Smart Contract feature. 

That's also the reason why personally I believed Ethereum has a very bright future!


2. Telegram - Main Chat/Messaging Platform
As ICO is time critical and usually its bonus structure is time sensitive (e.g. if you purchase the coin by 01 Jan 2018, you will get 15%, after than the bonus will reduce to say 10% by 15 Jan 2018, then to 5% by 31 Jan 2018 etc..). Hence, real time support is very important. 

Based on all the ICOs that I've went through, all are using Telegram (Cloud based instant messaging service, which was launched only in 2013) as their messaging platform. The ICO message admins will answer queries from the subscribers as well as providing latest news/updates of the ICO. For those who are keen on the ICO should consider subscribe to their Telegram group (usually the group will be in mute mode as the incoming messages will be fast and furious).  

I am an existing user of Telegram prior to this ICO discovery and I can attest to it that Telegram is a very fast and easy to use messaging platform. 

3. Medium - Main Blogging platform
Among all the ICOs that I've went through, majority of them are using Medium as their blogging platform. I like Medium as it's a simple yet elegant platform with high quality articles. The only small gripe I have is most of their articles are quite lengthy :-) However, they do have a brilliant feature to indicate the length of the article up-front (i.e. the "x minutes read" indicator) so that you can decide whether to commit your time in reading the article or not
Sample Medium screen - my favorite feature is highlighted in yellow
4. Black and White profile photos of the team 
For some reason, majority (not all) of ICOs' team profile photos are in black and white. Does it make it more "professional"? Or maybe most of the them went to the same group of photographers? Joke aside, I just find that it's quite an interesting coincidence. 
Team from Crypterium ICO
Team from Sether ICO
5. LinkedIn Profiles 
As you can see from the above 2 sample teams, all of them have link to their respective LinkedIn Profiles which provide a reputable source of information about the background/achievement  of the team members, which is rather important in assessing the ICO.  

Have you been investing in ICO before? What are you usually looking for in the ICO?


Friday, December 22, 2017

How My Minion Portfolio Doing In 2017?

Time flies, we are less than 10 days away to bid farewell to 2017, most people are starting to recap/review their hits and misses in 2017 and making resolution for 2018 and beyond.

I would like to take this opportunity to recap my minion portfolio's performance in 2017. Even though there are still a couple more days to go but since my transaction volume is usually low and bearing in mind of my minion portfolio size, I don't expect it will change much during these few days.

Here goes the summary of my portfolio (status as at 21/12/2017):

Current Portfolio:
Total Invested Capital                                 : SGD 32,000 (from 8 counters)
Total Current Market Price                         : SGD 26,200
Dividend Collected                                     : SGD 6,000 (since May 2014, include sold counters)
Unrealized Gain/Loss (Exclude Dividend) : -SGD 5,800 [-18%] 
Unrealized Gain/Loss (Include Dividend)  : -SGD 2,200 [-7%]

Realized Gain so far (include Dividend) : SGD 1,600 

As you can see, I am still paying my "school fee" (i.e. making an unrealized loss :-)). Two of the main contributors are EV Energy, my only US stock which is related to O&G industry and King Wan (same as last year). Key actions in 2017 are:

1. Sold my UMS in Feb 2017
2. Bought some Asian Pay TV Trust in May 2017
3. Gotten the Sanli IPO and sold it in Jun 2017
4. Accumulate a bit more of Singtel
5. Bought some Asian Pay TV Trust in May 2017

From Nov 2017, I also started to get my hand dirty on 2 cryptocurrencies - Ether and Litecoin. So far, I've withdrawn all my minion capital and the balance in my wallet are "free" money. I just make sure that these are my "casino money" when "investing" in cryptos. You can see more details of my Crypto portfolio here. 


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Crypterium : My First ICO Purchase Experience with Coinbase

After I've sold a portion of my Lifecoin last week with a minion size of realized profit (SGD250), I've decided to "re-invest" a portion of my profit (SGD200) in an ICO (Initial Coins Offering) as an experience. 

As a Blockchain enthusiast, after gotten my hand dirty with some cryptocurrencies purchase (Ether and Litecoin), my next experience is to get my hand dirty in an ICO purchase.   

Out of the many LIVE ICOs, I've chosen Crypterium for the following reason:
1. Its vision/solution is huge enough to be one of the major cryptobank (in cryptoecosystem) in the near future, hence scalability.  
2. Its team members comprises with experienced Fintech leaders/experts especially in the digital payment solutions space.
3. Its Token (CRPT) has a lifetime limit of 300 millions (hence, if it took off well, I foresee that the demand will outweigh the supply in the long run).
4. Its underlying technology is Ethereum Blockhcain (based on smart contract ERC20 token) - I am a fan of Ethereum. 

This being my first ICO, I only "invest" my free casino money (SGD 200) which I prepared to lose ALL. This translated into 77.46 CRPT Coins (including 3% bonus, this bonus offer is on-going till 25th December 2017). 

In general, you can purchase the Crypterium ICO via Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin and a bunch of other altcoins as well as the fiat currencies via VISA/Master. As I am an existing user of Coinbase and are familiar with its interface, I decided to purchase SGD 200 worth of Litecoins (via Coinbase) and send my SGD200 worth of Litecoins to Crypterium account directly. It took me about 10 minutes for the whole transaction to went through. 

Why Litecoins? I read somewhere that comparatively, Litecoins' transaction time is faster than Bitcoins or Ethereum.   

So, what's next? Nothing actually! For now, just need to wait for the ICO to be completed by 13 Jan 2018 (or earlier if the token issue cap is reached) and distribution of the tokens by be conducted by 25th Jan 2018. Afterwhich, the Token will be activated and trade-able in the selected major exchanges.    

If you are interested to find out more of Crypterium, you can check out here or read their White Paper.   

What is your ICO experience so far? 


NOTE: This is just a sharing of my ICO experience and not a recommendation, do your own due diligent when investing in cryptocurrency

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SOLD My First Cryptocurrency - Litecoin

Exactly one month ago, I bought my first cryptocurrency (Ethereum) and one week after that I bought my second cryptocurrency (Litecoin). 

In general, the cryptocurrencies are still in the bull trend now (at least to me) but the volatility is still fast and furious, double digits up or down within a day is very common. However, as "invested" amount are only in the hundreds and I make sure that these are my casino money (i.e. money that I am prepared to loss all). 

Today, I've decided to release a portion of my Litecoin to cash out all my casino money (initial cost of SGD750+) while leaving the balance (around SGD900+ at the time of writing) in my account as FREE money. 

In summary, I've made a modest 37% realized profit (within one month). more details as per following:

The reason why I sell Litecoin instead of Ethereum is because I personally view that Ethereum has much more rooms to go (comparatively) and Litecoin has been shooting to the roof in the past few days and hence decided to take the profit first. Who knows, I might enter/accumulate more at a later date when correction happens. 


NOTE: Do you due diligent when "investing" in cryptocurrency. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Top Ways to Reward Your Employees This Christmas (Guest Post)

Incentives and rewards are effective ways to keep employees motivated. The more their performance and achievements are recognised, the more they’ll contribute to the growth of the company. It improves employee performance and significantly reduces the turnover rate. It assures employees that their efforts are valued in the organisation.

Christmas is the perfect time to reward your employees. At the end of the year, there is more work pressure on employees. It is a good practice to reward your employees on the basis of their performance during the past year and begin the year with a positive note.

How to Choose Christmas gifts for Your Employees
A wide range of products can be gifted to employees around Christmas. Make sure you choose rewards or merchandise that will be received well by your employees. Consider your budget while choosing the incentives for your employees.

Use Online Platforms
Online reward and incentive platforms facilitate organisations to drive employee retention and enhance the performance of employees. It is easier for the HR departments to evaluate performance on the basis of different parameters. Online platforms keep employees more engaged. They can choose rewards as per their liking.

Back in the day, most companies preferred to gift their employees a bottle of wine near Christmas. However, the trends have changed with the evolution of technology. Let’s take a look at some rewards that are widely appreciated by employees.

 Travel Incentives

Employees need to maintain good points on online reward platforms to get travel incentives. These points are calculated on the basis of their performance at the workplace. The better they perform, the more points they will earn. Employees can redeem these points to spend a vacation with their family away from the hassles of life.

These points can also be used to buy frequent flyer points. Frequent flyer points system is introduced by airlines to reward loyal customers. They can avail huge discounts on air tickets or travel for free to any destination. Frequent flyer points also facilitate people to upgrade their tickets and enjoy a comfortable travelling experience by redeeming points.

 Upgrade Skills

Employees constantly need to improve their skills to retain their jobs and get promotions. These training courses usually have high fees. You can arrange training sessions for your employees so that they can perform better at their job without spending a huge sum on trainings.

 Special Experiences

With online reward programs, customers can enjoy the experiences of a lifetime. Reward platforms offer special packages from time to time. Employees may get the opportunity to attend top award functions or meet celebrities. These experiences come with lasting memories and play a great role in improving the performance of your employees.

 Discount Vouchers

You can gift discount vouchers to your employees. Near Christmas, your employees may have to purchase gifts for their family and friends. These discount vouchers can help them purchase gifts without worrying about their finances.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekend Sharing - On Movie, Book, Cryptocurrency and CPF

Wow! We are already in the final month of 2017 and in 3 weeks' time, most of us will be celebrating the most celebrated festival, Christmas! Since it's a bright Sunday, let's share something not so serious.

On Movie:
Being a movie buff, I do watch a lot of movies, trailers and reviews. Recently, one of the most anticipated trailer, The Avengers - Infinity War has been released and it has went viral unprecedentedly in all social medias.

Oh boy! it is marvelously jaw dropping (again), only Marvel can outdo Marvel. 

If you still haven't join in the fun yet (which I doubt so), check out the first trailer of The Avengers - Infinity War here:

What do you think?

On Book:
I am currently reading a book from Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler called "Dollars and Sense - How We Misthink Money and How To Spend Smarter". The title itself already quite self-explanatory on what you are dealing with.

I am a fan of Dan Ariely's earlier books like Predictably Irrational, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty and Irrationally Yours, so, this latest co-authored book of him is no escape.

I especially like the following dedication which summarizes the gist of the book:   

For the wonderful things you do for us, the terrible things you do to us, and all the gray matter in between"
Click on the image to see more details of me!
On Cryptocurrency
In the last 2 weeks or so, the Cryptocurrency market (especially Bitcoin) has been going through a wild ride. From shooting through the record-breaking roof (USD 11,000) to fall down 20% and then go back up again and now sitting at around USD 10,900+. 

Yesterday, CME Group and CBOE announced that they will begin the Bitcoin Futures trading from 18th December 2017 (Mon), coupled with the news that PWC Hong Kong (one of the Big Four) has started to accept Bitcoin payment.

All these are good progression of the legitimacy of bitcoin. Of course, the same cannot be said for all cryptocurrency, some of the alt coins are better to stay away. Also, some countries still treat cryptocurrency as illegal. 

In today's The Sunday Times, CEO of The Providend, Christopher Tan has written an article to clear the air on some misconception of CPF Scheme which went viral recently - Separating fact from fallacy about CPF.

It's worth a read as I am sure this is a common myth among the CPF members.

That's it for today.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

RichDad 2 Days Virtual Summit (by Robert Kiyosaki) For Only $1

I believed by now most people would know who is Robert Kiyosaki (entrepreneur and author of many books, including the popular "The Rich Dad and Poor Dad"). He, together with 8 others successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires have teamed up and came up with a virtual submit event happening on 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) December 2017. 

It's called RichDad Summit! 

How much would it costs? Only USD 1 (less than a cup of Yakun kopi)

First, let's take a look at who are the 9 keynote speakers and presenters?

Out of the 9 speakers, personally I've read about the success stories of 3 of them (Robert Kiyosaki, Anik Singal and Fred Lam. Last one is an interesting one, he transformed himself from a dish washer in Canada to an eCommerce Millionaire). 

Next, let's take a look of what the 2 days virtual summit will be covering? 

Day 1 (9th Dec 2017) - Making More Money:
#1 - Secrets To Building Long-Term Wealth (by Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti)
#2 - Diving Into The CashFlow Quadrants (by Andy Tanner)
#3 - The Difference Between Creating A Job & Being And Entrepreneur (by Jeremy Bellotti)
#4 - The Best Online & Offline Business Opportunities (by Andrew Lantz)
#5 - The Fastest Way To Start A Business - The X Factor (by Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal)
#6 - Assets vs Liabilities (by Andrew Lantz)
#7 - Demystifying The Stock Market (by Andy Tanner)
#8 - An Email List As An Asset? (by Anik Singal)
#9 - Building Your Success Team (by Jeremy Bellotti)

Day 2 (10th Dec 2017) - Creating Systems To Make You More Money: 
#10 - Success Is Simple (by Jeremy Bellotti)
#11 - Profit From Real Estate... The Rich Dad Way! (by Rebert's Real Estate Investing Coaches)
#12 - The Opportunity In Bitcoin (by Max Wright)
#13 - How To Leverage The Global Economy To Develop A Business (by Fred Lam)
#14 - The Power of Soft Assets (by Andrew Lantz)
#15 - The Tax Savings of Becoming An Investor & Entrepreneur (by Tom Wheelwright)
#16 - How To Protect Your Assets (by Garrett Sutton)
#17 - The Power Of Contribution (by Anik Singal)

Noticed that some of the topics might not be relevant or applicable to non-US environment (like #15) but generally these are quite a wide spectrum of coverage, they even include the topic on Bitcoin which is kind of a buzz at the moment. 

Note : One very important advantage of such virtual submit is that even if we cannot commit 2 full-days to watch the live presentations, all recordings will be provided for replay at our own leisure.

Of course, such virtual summit might not be appealing to all but if you are interested to find out more, click here


P/S: I will be skipping one cup of Yakun kopi siew dai and join in the fun, virtually! Will you? :-)  


Sunday, November 26, 2017

What Is Debtzilla (Singapore Board Game)?

Last year, I have the chance to play the local board game called Wongamania Banana Economy with a couple of financial blogger friends and have fun with it. For my earlier post, you can check it out here. This year, the same game developer, Capital Gains Studio, launched another board game called Debtzilla at Kick Starter.

So, what is Debzilla? 

Too bad, I haven't got the chance to play the game yet but basing on the information available in the Kick Starter, the player(s) [up to 4 players] are to assume the role of superheroes (like Lady Easing, The Oracle, Iron Girl etc..) and work as a team to fight against the villains (like The Layman Brothers, Loan Shark, and Corruption Rat etc...), it sound like fun already. 

Again, the theme of this board game is still focus on financial literacy, I guess the objective is to let players to learn and have fun at the same time. From the number of items included in the box (see below), it seems to cover wider spectrum of the financial world in Banana Republic (as compared to Wongamania). 

If you are interested to find out more about Debtzilla or to support the KickStarter project, click here.

Once I've chance to play the Debtzilla game with the founder and the peer, I will share more details about the game here. Stay tuned... 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Second Cryptocurrency - Litecoin

Exactly one week ago, I got myself a super minion size of Ethereum (SGD100 to be exact), you can read here for my earlier post. This week, I've gotten my second cryptocurrency - Litecoin , another minion size (SGD150) due to the limit imposed by the exchange. 

What is Litecoin? As at today, Litecoin is the 5th biggest Cryptocurrency in the market (after Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple). In terms of the market cap. Litecoin is sitting at USD $3.8+ billions. It was launched 6 years ago by a former Google employee, Charlie Lee. Litecoin is quite similar to Bitcoin except for some technical differences which make it about 4 times faster than Bitcoin (in terms of transaction speed). 

So, in summary, I've accumulated the following Cryptocurrencies in my virtual piggy bank:

Personally, I am not into trading, the high volatility of the crypto market and high commission rate make it less advantage to do so. I will just slowly accumulate a few of such alternate "assets" for the long haul. Also, I make sure that these are the casino money (a term from an article I read i.e. money that I prepared to lose all).  


Note: This is just to share my fun (hopefully) cryptocurrency journey and by no means to encourage my reader to go into such investment/trading.  


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 - My Experience

Singapore Fintech Festival, the world's largest Fintech event just ended yesterday (17/11/2017) with the highlights of 3 winners in the Global Fintech Hackcelerator comptetion (more about this later).  I am privileged enough to attend the Thursday (16th Nov 2017) session as trade delegate. So, before I forget, thought to document my experience here.  

The event hall is huge (covering 3 Expo halls) with 281 exhibitors from all over the world. Ranging from big financial institutions to tech companies and of course the startups. On top of that, there are on-going panel discussion, keynotes and demos (at Sandbox stage) If you are into Fintech and Startups, I am sure you can spend pretty much the whole day here.

The morning session (on 16th Nov 2017) comprises of a speech by Her Majesty Queen Maxima (Netherland) on "A Better Future (Inclusion Technology)" followed by the Keynote on "Financial Services For The Poor" by Michael Wiegand (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). The theme is to take care of those unbanked citizens in the poor countries like Kenya etc.

After which, 20 startup finalists pitch their ideas in the Global Hackcelerator Demo session (each team only has 5 minutes to pitch). There are a couple of wow ideas but not all.   

3 winners of the Global Hackcelerator are: Moxtra (India)SQREEM (US) and Trunomi (Singaproe). Each team walk away with cash prize of SGD50,000. 

In the afternoon, it's more like free and easy for the attendees to choose their preferred panel discussions between the AMTD, Delloitte and Prudential Stages. For me, I've attending the following panel discussions:

1. Insurtech I - Protection Disruption (Panelists: Dr Andrea Braun [Accenture Technology], Parul Seth Kanna [Pinbox Solution] and Benoit Claveranne [AXA Group]). Prior to this, there is a Keynote by Group Head of DBS, Ms Tan Su Shan on their "Road To Digitization" which is equally interesting. Looks like all big financial institutions are working hard to inculcate the startups mindset in their culture. 

2. Insurtech II - Insuring The Future  (Panelists: Al-Noor Ramji [Prudential], Julie Batch [IAG] and Willaim Fung [AMTD]). 

Following which, I've roamed around the halls and pay visit to the exhibitors that caught my eyes. Some of the interesting ones are as follows:

Interesting Crypto Wallet solution (from Singapore)

Project Ubin (MAS) - We are at Phase 2 now with 3 prototyping - Personally think that Smart Contract will have a brilliantly bright potential
ICO in the Healthcare front?

Ethereum on steroid? 

Read this ICO before attending the event, surprise to see them there
Overall, I have a great learning and mind-opening experience at Fintech Festival. With national effort to make Singapore a Smart Nation, we need more of such events to expose the general public (not only trade delegate) with the new and upcoming xxxTech (not only FinTech). 

Did you attend the festival too? What is your review? 


Note: This article was first published in Blockchain SG (my other blog side-project)

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