Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Sharing - Keep Going Amidst Gloomier Environment

Recently, local and international environment/market are surrounding by the gloomier sentiments. Retrenchment (especially in the O&G sector), poorer company results, potential recession etc.. 

What should we do during this cyclical gloomy environment?

Some retail investors/friends of mine are busy accumulating the equities (as they deemed this is the right time), some are accumulating their war chest and waiting for an even better opportunity to whack big big, while others are just cautiously observing (in Chinese we called it 静观其变). 

Whatever it is, life goes on and maybe it's time to leave the market sentiment aside for awhile and take this opportunity to pick-up some books or learning some new skills or just doing/starting new?  

For me, I have just started a mini project to challenge myself and embrace my weakness (in speaking) i.e. I've created a Youtube channel (no, it's not meant to share the investment or personal finance tips as I am still newbie among the peers). The channel is called "UP the Happiness" and I intend to discuss/share the topic that is closer to my heart i.e. trying to motivate and influence more people to be happy or at least to smile more! :-)

So far, I've created 2 Episodes and if the topic is of your interest too, do check out my second episode here (Can Money Buy You Happiness?):

What do you think? Feel free to provide your valuable comment, if any.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF - My Sharing

Mid last week, the folks from Phillip Capital management organized a sharing session with the peer financial bloggers on their upcoming, home-grown and first ever REIT ETF - Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leader REIT ETF. Personally, I do invest in a couple of local REITs for dividend yield purpose and here come another option for consideration. 

Following are some key summary of the REIT ETF:

Manager : Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd

Currency : USD (Primary) and SGD

Dividend Distribution : Semi-Annual

Projected Dividend Yield : 5% (before taking into consideration of Expense Ratio of 0.65% per annum and Management Fee of 0.50% per annum).

Consist Of : 30 REITS from the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), the constituents sector breakdown are as per following: Australia (59%), Singapore (30%) and Hong Kong (11%)

Top 10 REITS :
REITS                     (Weights) - Country
Link REIT              (10.20%) - Hong Kong
Scentre Group        (9.72%) - Australia
Westfield Corp       (9.55%) - Australia
Stockland               (8.73%) - Australia
Vicinity Centres     (6.72%) - Australia
Goodman Group    (5.46%) - Australia
Mirvac Group        (5.34%) - Australia
Ascendas REIT      (5.16%) - Singapore
GPT Group/The     (4.84%) - Australia
Capital Mall Trust (3.97%) - Singapore

Rebalancing : If necessary, the index will be rebalanced semi-annually in March and September. 
Bloomberg Tickers : PAREIT (US$) ; PAREITS (SG$)

Trading : To be commenced from 20/10/2016 (Thu)

Bloomberg Tickers : PAREIT (US$) and PAREITS (SG$)

With the nett dividend yield of less than 5%, it might not seems appealing to the REITs lovers (myself included) as there are many other local REITs that can do much better than that. Of course, I do appreciate the other two key motivation/objectives that this REIT ETF trying to provide:

1. Ensure sustainability of the dividend yield (I believed that's where the semi-annual re-balancing act come into play, when deemed necessary). 

2. Diversification of the risk (minimally for a start, the risk are being spread out across 3 countries. According to the CIO, there are plan to bring in suitable REITs from other Asia Pacific [ex Japan] like India or China into the portfolio).     

If you are an existing ETF investor, I believed this is a piece of good news as it provides more option for you to flex your investment strategy. 

What is your view on this upcoming REIT ETF?


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Improve Finances for Students (Guest Post)

College can be a very expensive experience for so many, but it doesn’t have to be. With a proper plan and good financial habits, you can minimize the amount of debt you acquire while attending post-secondary education. Here are some actionable tips to help students improve their finances.

Mapping out a budget

A budget is a vitally important tool for college freshmen, although not nearly enough of them bother to make one, let alone stick to it! In the budget you can see all the various sources of income against your likely expenses. Some of these expenses will be fixed, such as tuition fees and rent, but others will be more variable, such as costs for socialising. If a routine is gotten into then it will be easier to stick to the budget and not overspend.

Fund any extras with a part time job

If you want to spend money on something a little bit special, why not get a part time job to fund those parts of your life, then your core finances can fund your core costs and you get a bit on the side to enjoy life with.

Minimize your debt

Don't ever forget about that student loan (if you have one). It is much better to drive the debt down earlier if you can to avoid massive interest payments being incurred.

Take care of credit cards

Credit cards can be useful but they must be used responsibly! Be careful not to rack up the payments too much.

Avoid full priced products

Use discount stores or shop about online. There are loads of deals out there. You just need to look for them. Using sites such as can help you find deals on all of your favorite brands. Mamma is a coupon search engine that allows users to search for coupons on their favorite brands!

Make sure you have an emergency fund

There will always be times that are harder or when you meet unseen high costs. This is the time when an emergency fund comes in very useful! Try to add to it regularly and slowly build the fund. Then, if and when you come into difficulties, you will have this fund to fall back on.

Think about investing your money

As most freshmen seem to be struck for cash anyway the idea of investing might seem a little ridiculous. However, it's never too early to start. Planning for the future starts today. You never know, your investment might start to rack up and put you in a good position for after college. Don't forget, those days after college will come some day!

So, there you have it, some things to think about if you or your kid is heading off to college.

This article is contributed by Taylor Walker

Monday, October 10, 2016

My Scoot Experience - No Frills ; No Problem

Scoot, flyScoot
I am just back from my one-week short trip to Melbourne, Australia and this will be my first post after touching down. 

Usually, I will be taking full-fledged airlines like SQ, Emirates or Qantas for my regular trip to Melbourne. However, after receiving some good review from a couple of my friends, I decided to give it a try by taking the Scoot this time round. On one hand, I can save some money, on the other hand, I can have my maiden flight with the budget airline.  

My verdict? No frills , no problem! In fact, I am really happy with the experience and will definitely take Scoot again in the future. 

Prior to this, I always have negative connotation between budget airlines and the like of plane delay, re-scheduling without advance notices (to the passengers), lousy services and loss luggage etc... You can say that it's my luck, but I've never encountered any of such incident in both legs of my maiden flight. Smooth sailing...

Having said that, through my personal experience, there are a couple of action that the passengers of budget airlines can/should take in advanced in order to enjoy the flight even more (or minimize surprises):

1. Ensure you've purchased sufficient baggage allowance online - The basic FlyBag option provided 20 KG baggage (check-in) allowance, if you foresee that you need more than that, do purchase additional baggage allowance 48 hours prior to the flight time. Failing which, you will need to top-up more upon check in and the rate is much much higher than the online option. 
My experience : I need to top-up SGD100 for the extra 4 KG on my first leg to Melbourne, which is equivalent to SGD25 per KG. I can't blame them as the rate has been indicated clearly in the T&C. I did ask the ground staff on the rationale for such a big difference in the rates (for online, I just need to pay additional SGD12 for additional 5 KG) and she is not able to provide me with a convincing answer, anyone here know the rationale? 

2. Outside food is not allowed on the flight, so, if you think you need to eat/drink/munch during the flight, do purchase it in advanced (online) too to save cost. Of course, you can still purchase the same stuff during the flight but it will cost a little bit more.   

3. Since there is no in-flight entertainment, if you are not prepared to purchase their entertainment service, do bring along some books or pre-load your mobile devices with the ebooks, series or movies of your choice so that you can enjoy them there and then. 

Of course, I am not saying that every subsequent Scoot experience will be as smooth sailing as my maiden experience but I think Scoot has done a great job in upping the standard of budget airlines as a whole. 

Do you have any unique experience with budget airlines (not necessarily Scoot) or any budget airlines hack to share? Feel free to share them in the comment below.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Introduction to Binary Options Trading (Guest Post)

The Binary Options industry has seen impressive growth over the past few years. This is mainly as a result of how many people enjoy trading them. When one trades Binary Options, there are any number of underlying assets you can trade for a large range of time scales. 

There are also a long list of investors who have made a lot of money successfully trading Binary Options. Binary options can also be investing in with relatively little initial capital outlay. This is why it is a favorable investment alternative for new investors in the market. Before we dig into simple Binary Option strategies, we have to start from the basics.

What is a Binary Option?

A Binary Option is a special type of financial option. Financial options are instruments which allow the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying security at the expiry of the option. The value of the option at the expiry is determined by the original strike price of the investment and the current prevailing price. When it comes to a Binary Option, the payoff at expiry of the trade is either 100 or 0. So, in other words, if the current price at expiry is above the strike price, your option is "in the money" and you will get the payout. If, on the other hand, the price at expiry is below the Strike price, the value of your option is 0 and you lose the trade. Hence, when investing in Binary options, the gain and loss is always known at the beginning of the trade. This makes investing in binary options relatively simple and secure (you always know one of the two outcomes). 

In essence, a simple Binary Option trade is a bet on whether the value of asset will increase or decrease over the life of the option. There are two types of simple Binary Options, a "call" and a "put". The call is a bet that the stock will increase in value and the put is a bet that it will decrease in value. After you have decided which way you would like to bet, you have to decide on how long you would like to set the expiry. This time can range anywhere from 60 seconds to 6 months.

How to Trade a Binary Option?

Before you can trade Binary Options, you will need to open an account with a broker. Many brokers allow you the oppurtunity to test your trading skills with a demo account. This will give you the piece of mind to invest without staking any funds on the trade. Once you have opened your broker account, you can start trading. You have to now select the assets that you would like to invest an option on. Nowadays, there are any number of assets that you can bet on. These include Forex, Stocks, Indexes and commodities. Now that you have your asset that you would like to trade, you need to analyse it to determine in which direction you expect it to go in. 

There are a number of views you can take based on the type of analysis you choose to embark on. You could use fundamental analysis or technical analysis to inform your opinion. Fundamental analysis would be based around factors such as the Economy, interest rates, inflation and other macro-economic factors. If you were placing a position on an individual stock then you would analyze the company's earnings potential, cashflow and balance sheet position. You can also use technical analysis to inform your trade. This is based around the actual level of the asset currently and compared to where it was in the past. There are a number of resources and educational materials on how to use basic technical analysis disciplines to inform your trading. 

Once you have formed your opinion of the direction of the asset, you need to decide what sort of option you would like to enter. You need to decide on whether you would like a call or put option. Once done, you need to choose how long you would like the trade to last. This is the expiry time and the point at which the option payoff will either be 100 or 0.

Manage Funds effectively

As with all forms of Trading, investing in Binary Options requires a concerted effort to manage your money effectively. You should never allow emotion to enter your investing decisions. There may be occassions when a previous loss may make you reluctant to trade after a positive signal. The same can be said of entering a position based on previous success.

Use professional services

Assuming that you do not have the time to constantly monitor your position, you can make use of professional binary options managed accounts. These individuals study the market continuously and are therefore able to incorporate all of their inside knowledge in order to improve your chances for investing success.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

9 Global Black Swan Events Since 1997 (Infographic)

I believed most of you have heard of the term, Black Swan, popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a finance professor, writer and former Wall Street trader. If you are still clueless about the term, following is the proper definition by Investopedia:
"A black swan is an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and is extremely difficult to predict"
Today, I am going to share a cool and informative infographic from Call Levels, called 9 Black Swan Events That Changed The History Of Finance Forever.
Source : Call Levels
With my young tenure in the stock market, the only black swan that affected me personally is the Oil Crises in 2014. What about you?


Monday, September 26, 2016

How To Make Sure Your Business Complies With Employment Law (Guest Post)

The process of setting up a business can be exciting, since it involves having the necessary management skills, industry expertise, technical skills, finance, and a long-term dream to grow and succeed. An important part of running any business, big or small, is legal compliance with employment law. Labour and employment laws are among the most carefully scrutinized being governed by Federal regulations. One of the biggest errors an employer can make is underestimating the significance of complying with employment laws. This can have negative consequences, especially if the business is audited and are found to be non-compliant. To get everything right will often mean keeping in touch with current developments, thinking out company policies and implementing them carefully. To get something wrong could be particularly expensive.

Know the Law

The first thing that anyone can do to determine if the business complies with employment law is getting acquainted with them. Employment law covers a wide range of subject matters, it generally covers
  • The recruitment process

  • The rights of an employee
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • What to do when things go wrong
When in doubt, refer to experts and specialists in the field

Most businesses use the services of a law firm to help ensure that they stay within the law. Although large business can afford to keep the up to date and in compliance with labour laws, the same cannot be the same for small businesses. However, the lack of resources is no excuse from dealing with these issues.

Furthermore, the umbrella of labour laws that covers all businesses is quite extensive. Every employer needs to be aware of this, even before hiring the first employee since it brings with it new areas for compliance in employment and labour laws, covering everything from discrimination and harassment, the number of hours worked, wages and workers compensation.

Always Keep Up to Date

The number of regulatory agencies has grown over in the last few decades and still show no signs of slowing down, add so have their associated regulations which covering everything from employment contracts to dismissal and anything else in between. It is then important to be aware of these changes that regulatory agencies have made such as:

  • Overtime pay laws
  • Employee privacy laws
  • State and federal leave laws
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Workplace safety and health laws
  • Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws
  • Payday laws like payroll deduction rules and final pay rules
  • Keep everyone informed

Both small business and large corporations are subject to the same collection of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations need constant monitoring as they are being revised and kept up-to- date. Using guidelines found in federal and state employment laws, businesses must make sure that they comply with employment laws and then make sure to inform their employees about any changes. Even if a company is not necessarily affected by an amendment or new regulation, it is still a good practice to keep employees informed and become involved. Compliance with employment laws keeps the workforce happier and productive.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Way To Look At Money (TED Video)

As the saying goes, MONEY is the root of all evil, but there is also another Chinese version of saying to counter it : 钱不是万能,没钱万万不能 (loosely translated into : Money isn't everything, but everything need money)!

So, let's talk about MONEY today. 

Recently, I watched an interesting TED Talk pertaining to the future of money (i.e. the programmable money or the cryptocurrency aka those Bitcoins etc...). What interest me more is about the Yap Economy that shared by the speaker (Neha Narula) i.e. using the bulky and heavy Rai Stones as "money". Fast forward to present, money is becoming more and more invisible i.e. just plain 1s and 0s in the system.  

Now, check out the TED Talk below :

In fact, Bitcoins made the headlines in local news one or two years ago with the installation of our first ever Bitcoins ATM, but it has been uneventful since. By the way, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to SGD 814.43.  

Do you invest in Bitcoins? If yes, what is your experience so far?


Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Non-Wealth Things That I Treasured Dearly!


Yes, I am back to Singapore after a short getaway with family at Southern Thailand (Dannok and Hatyai). As this is the first time that I went Thailand by car, it's quite an experience which I will trasure.

Some highlights of the trip:

1. First hand experience of the laxness of Thailand custom, it is truly eye-opening. We literally drove through the border (and stop our car over at Dannok, Thailand), then walk back to the custom (short distance) to stamp our passport. Yes, this is a true story... 

2. If you like theme-park with mixture of Western and Eastern themes, can consider the Asian Cultural Village situated at Dannok, Thailand (just within 5 minutes drive from the border). Lots of amazing lighting and statues etc..and they also throw in a couple of dinosaurs to please the kids. 

3. Have a sumptuous dinner at the lake side (Water View Restaurant) whereby the food were served by boat... unique and great atmosphere! Oh, it comes with live band too but sang mostly in Thai Language. 

OK, now let's get back to the topic that I am about to share today. As a follow-up to my earlier post on Wealth Quotes, which I agreed wholeheartedly, I thought it would be good to do some soul searching myself on what are the non-wealth things that I treasured most. 

Here is the result (I am excluding those obvious things like family, friends and health) :

1. Memories - I always believed that when we are getting older, besides money and/or physical wealth, we will constantly digging back to rekindle with all the fond memories throughout the journey of our life. The sad thing of course is that our memory usually fading as fast as age (which is happening to me right now, slowly but surely). Hence, it is important to preserve such memories in one way or the other. That's why in the recent years, I like to take photos or videos and upload them into my Facebook as a back-up. I can't really trust my memory that much nowadays, but fret not, I always has Facebook to rely on ;-)

2. Positive Energy - I am glad that I belongs to the category of people who always look at the cup as half full (or always look at the bright side), it does make the journey of my life a little bit less eventful (or smoother sailing) as I don't usually over monsterise the DOWNs or over excited with the UPs. My motto in life is : Keeping Going ; Keep Smiling! I do believed that smiling is a very powerful "tool" to ignite positive energy.. So, try it, it's FREE anyway!

3. Knowledge/Wisdom - This is something that we all should continuously harness, either through reading, attending courses (online or offline) or just learn from friends. There are so much to learn and the more we know, the more we know we don't know. As for the wisdom, I guess it grows with your experience in life and ultimately we kind of know a bit of "life Hacks" here and there which forms the "wisdom". Still long way to go for this one but I do treasure what I've learnt and shared so far. 

What about you? What do you treasured most (exclude the wealth and the "by default" thingy)?


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Best Quotes On Wealth

For the next few days, I will be away from Singapore and spend some time with my families back at my home town and road trip to Southern Thailand. It also means that I will be away from this blog for a few days ;-P

In any case, thought of sharing one of the best quotes on WEALTH that I've read a couple of days ago. the reason why I like this quotes is because it is on WEALTH but also not about WEALTH. 


Nah, it's kind of a very logical one too... 

Here you go...

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy"
Many a time, when we are too focused on amassing wealth (for our future good), we tends to neglect what the wealth cannot buy (even if you successfully amassed them ultimately), for example, the relationship with your family or kids, your health, your youth, your laughter etc... 

Of course, I am not encouraging you to YOLO (You Only Live Once) all the way but do still ensure to focus on living the NOW instead of just focusing on the future.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Is Over And Global Market Are Heading North! What's Next?

Today (5th Sep 2016), STI "chiong" (rise) 47.82 points (or 1.71%) to close at 2,851.74. Effectively, all the regional market are in the green green land today. What is the cause(s)? 

Is it because summer is just over? 

Is it because of the weak US jabs data? (I know, this is kind of contradicting)

Is it because summer blockbuster movies are over? (just joking...)

I guess no one can say for sure but whatever the cause(s), it doesn't means anything the for future performance, my friend, STE, put it greatly in his recent blog : The Greatest Gambler Fallacy. Also, this is the irrationality of the market movement (during the short term) that most Value Investor gurus talking about. 

Whatever it is, I will just try to "ignore" the short term volatility while focus on the long term as well as the dividend income. Hopefully I won't fall for the "present-focus bias" ;-)

Oh, since we are talking about the summer blockbuster movies, recently I've watched the latest sleeper hit, Don't Breathe (horror thriller genre), small budget but damn effective in making the audience stop breathing... 

If you are an horror movie fan and haven't watch it yet, don't miss it!
Don't Breathe - Top the US Box Office for the second week!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What Is Your Inclination In Making This Investment Decision?

As retail investors, we are making decision all the time, decision slike :

What stock(s) to pick for review/analysis?
What stock(s) to buy?
What stock(s) to sell?
How much cash to hold as war chest?
How to diversify your portfolio to minimize the risks?
When to do NOTHING? (yes, doing nothing is also a decision) etc..

Today, just like to throw out an hypothetical question and hope to see some response/reaction from the readers in such situation. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, just inclination and perspective.

The scenario is like this : If you are currently holding 2 equal size stocks, one is making 50% paper profit (let's call it Stock A) and the other is making 50% paper lose (let's call it Stock B) , for some valid reason, you need to sell one of the stock (in full), which stock will you sell? Stock A or Stock B?

1. Both stocks have equal chance of making further profits (or losses) in the near future. In short, Stock A might turn into loses and Stock B might turn into profit in the future.
2.  You cannot hold the stock and must sell ONE (and only ONE) of the stock in FULL.

This is a JFF (Just For Fun) question, if it intrigues you, do join in the fun by sharing with us your inclination (to sell Stock A or B?) and why (your thought/rationale) in the comment section.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

3 Things That You Should Do While PSI Is Hovering At An Unhealthy Level

At the time of writing this post, the 3-hour PSI reading is at 106, which is the lover end of unhealthy level (to check the latest PSI readings, you can download the app from NEA or visit their site here). Air pollution affect everyone, whether you are rich or poor, successful retail investors or investing newbies, like me. We all breathe the same air! 

Of course, unless you are willing to take the trouble and incur the expenses to get away from Singapore during this period, if not, I guess we all need to accept it and keep going. Life goes on, here are the 3 things that you probably should do during this period :

1. Do Indoor Programs/Activities with Families or Friends
We consider ourselves lucky that there are so many indoor programs/activities that we can do in Singapore. To name just a few:
- Indoor sports like badminton, table tennis and indoor swimming. 
- KaraOK session with friends. SG Budget Babe has published a post on the cheapest Karaok (KTV) places in Singapore, you can check it out here.  
- Shopping or just window shopping at malls scattered all over the island
- Pay home visits to families or friends just to chill out etc..

Talking about indoor program, this evening, am going to have a social mahjong session with a couple of peer bloggers! So long never play the game already, it's time to drill my brain cell harder to prevent early senile dementia. I am sure it will be a fun gathering... 

2. Drink More Water And Standby the N95 Masks
Staying hydrated is crucial during this period. Also, it is important to standby a few N95 marks on hand just in case the PSI reading is getting from bad to worst. Prevention (for getting sick) is always better than cure.   

3. Catch A Movie
To be frank, this one is a bit bias as I am a movie buff, watching a movie came so naturally to mind ;-) Amidst the humid and hazy day, it's godsend to be able to spend 2 hours or so in a dark and air-conditioning room to watch your favorite movie.

If you need some recommendation, here are my top pick for the week:

1. Don't Breathe - Genre : Horror, Thriller:
Don't breathe

2. Shin Gadzilla (Japanese) - Genre : Action, Adventure:
Shin Godzilla

3. Train To Busan (Korean) - Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller:  
train to busan

What other tips you have to "fight" against the hazy air particles?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When Breath Becomes Air - A Memoir And Also A Beautiful Gift From The Author

I first chanced upon the book, When Breath Becomes Air (by Paul Kalanithi) was a couple of months ago at the Kinokuniya Orchard. After browsing through a couple of pages, I've made up my mind that I will get hold of this book (or memoir) one day.

Recently, I've gotten hold the book and finished reading it within 1.5 weeks. I must give myself a round of applause for this "mini achievement", you see, I am a slow reader and this is one of the book that took me shortest time to complete, from cover to cover. Of course, the key reason is that I was intrigued by the book from page one, a page turner as they called it, not by the mysterious events or twisted plots but by the beautiful recount of the last few years of the author (Paul Kalanithi passed away before finishing this memoir and his wife, Lucy, has to step in to finish it up on his behalf). 

Paul Kalanithi is a successful neurosurgeon, due to the terminal illness (lung cancer), he switched from the role of doctor to patient at the young age of 30+. Down but not out, he made his last few years count by writing this memoir (I would rather call it gift) for the world. He is teaching us how to live, from a dying soul!

Even though the book contains quite a fair bit of medical lingo (because of his profession), but it makes me wanted to understand every single words written and finding out the meaning of the words is a joy in itself. If you can only read one book for the balance of the year, this is the book to pick. Highly recommended!

Following is the short trailer of the book:


Friday, August 19, 2016

Wongamania Banana Economy - Financial Board Game Reloaded

Wongamania Banana Economy
Courtesy of the private invitation by the owner of Wongamania Board Game, managed to play the revamped Wongamania - Banana Economy game with a bunch of financial bloggers (you know who you are) 2 days ago at the Big Fat Purse office. This is not the first time I have played the Wongamania game but this "evolved" version (if you are a Pokémon Go players, you will know what I meant when I said evolved!) has more blast with plenty of fun.

In fact, this is the third time that I've played the game (click here and here for my recount of the previous 2 games). This time round, it is a bit special as we have the privileged to enjoy the yet-to-be-officially-launch revamped version : Wongamania - Banana Economy (HINT : The game will be officially launched in Singapore on 9th September 2016 at Kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City, 1 to 6 PM).

So, what are the major attraction in this evolved version?

1. The materials (including the cards, the "banana" dice, the token and the board) are with higher quality (as compared to the original version). Think along the line of a "Power Up" version of the Pokemons that you caught in Pokémon Go ;-)

The "Banker" is demonstrating the rules of the game
Within 2 rounds, most of us have gotten the hang of it!
2. There are more dimension and variety of the cards being introduced, for example, previously there is only one type of "Bond" but now it has "Bond", "Junk Bond" and "Convertible Bond", also, it has the "Insurance" cards which are getting closer to the real financial environment.
"I am a Value Investor, I am sure I will win!"
3. There are slight change to the game rules but I like the introduction of the modular variation of the game e.g. you can remove certain category/color of game cards (deemed to be more "cheem" [difficult] for the youngsters) to make it more suitable for young adult/teenagers to enjoy the "Power Down" version of the game. Same same but difference!
"YES! The game is on my hand"
All in all, Wongamania - Banana Economy is a great social board game that you can have tremendous fun and laughter with your friends and family while picking up some financial knowledge along the way. It is best suited for 4 to 5 players for a session of the game (which usually lasted for about 40 mins to 1 hour).


P/S : Am still waiting for my Wonagamania - Banan Economy board game (supported them via Kickstarter) which is supposed to be in the shipment now.  

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