Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2023 And Counting

Time really flies, we just celebrated the year end countdown and now we are on the fourth day of 2023. In about 2.5 weeks' time, we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year. Next year is the Year of Rabbit and hope that the 玉兔 will bring prosperity and health to us.

Just gotten my half-yearly medical check-up result and it is on the right track (as quoted by the doctor). It is a good enough result for someone on long term medication. Health is utmost important and most of the time, we will appreciate it more when we lose/are losing it. So, this year will continue to do more walking/hiking around Singapore as well as in the region. 

Also, in December last year, I've utterly enjoyed a number of hiking/walking sessions in Malaysia (Botanic Garden in Malacca and Pinang), Waterfall hike at Gunung Ledang (in Johor), Batu Cave exploration (in Selangor, the 272 steps climb) and Balik Pulau (in Pinang) during my 8 days trip in Malaysia. It's a great experience especially you can hang around with local friends.
Balik Pulau (in Pulau Pinang) 1

Balik Pulau (in Pulau Pinang) 2

Batu Cave (in Selangor)

Botanic Garden in Malacca

Botanic Garden in Pulau Pinang

Waterfall at Gunung Ledang (in Johor)

Waterfall at Gunung Ledang (in Johor)

Investment wise, there is not much traction as I've decided to rely mostly on robo-investors instead of personally pick the stocks. The only "investment" decision that I've made right in 2022 is to withdraw my Crypto from BlockFi in June 2022 before it went underwater late last year. Kind of saving in disguise. 

Since late last year, I've been taking a break from work, so probably post-CNY will start to explore around again.

Wish everyone a wonderful 2023, stay healthy and happy!


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I Am Back Soon

It has been quite a while since my last post.

I am back..soon.

Meanwhile, just for a laugh!


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Book Review - The A To Z Guide To Retirement Planning

It has been a while since I last read a physical book on personal finance. Today, I am going to share my review on a book that I've just completed - The A to Z Guide To Retirement Planning (2016), by a local author, Patrick Chang.  

I got to know Patrick via social media for one year plus, finally we managed to arrange for a kopi session last month and gotten a copy of this autographed book from him. 

The book breaking down the gigantic topic of Retirement Planning into 26 chapters (hint hint from the book title :-)), make it easier to digest and readers can pick and choose whichever topics of their interest to "wallop" first as each chapter can be consumed individually. For me, I approach it systematically i.e. literally from A to Z.... 

It covers practically all the thinkable topics related to retirement planning (from cashflow, budgeting, insurance to various investment schemes etc.) and provide plenty of local use cases or examples from his own experiences as Certified Financial Planner. Besides the evolving National Schemes like Medishield Life and CPF Life, most (if not all) of the topics are ever-green. 

Of course, for a small book like this (170 pages to be exact), it only cover high level broader view of each topic and not dwelling into much details. So, for veteran, this book might seems to be too basic. Having said that, I find that it provides a very comprehensive view of areas that we need to take into consideration when come to Retirement Planning. So, it is very suitable for the newbie or beginner in the retirement planning (regardless of your age). 

Oh by the way, Patrick is also the founder of the Affluent - The Wealth Management Game card game. Do check it out if you are a physical card game fan. Sneak peak : the last I heard from him is that he is brewing something new on this brainchild of his. So, stay tuned!


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Gold Investment During The Pandemic: Is It A Wise Move?

Image Source: Unsplash

We all know that gold is one of the safest investments you can make. This is the reason why this alluring metal has long been the foundation of wealth. If it has come to your attention that since the start of the pandemic, gold has performed very well, there are several reasons for this.

Volatile Markets

Global lockdowns and no-flying orders have really caused problems for the global economy. It has led to market volatility, which in turn led to private investors getting cold feet and taking their wealth out of stocks and shares and moving it into gold. 

Check out one of the gold dealers that investors go for. City Gold Bullion has Brisbane gold bullion for sale where you can buy, and even sell gold, at any time.

If you happen to be in Australia, you can visit their offices and take possession of your gold.

An Uncertain Future

Just when we thought we reached herd immunity, the Delta variant arrived and it seems like the vaccinations don’t work, which means a very uncertain future in terms the economy. If you have shares in a company or are holding a lot of dollars in your account, now is the time to buy gold and store it at a secure facility, which greatly reduces risk. It is supply & demand that influences the spot price of gold.

While we have seen a few surges, gold has steadily rose in value, making a very attractive investment during volatile times. If you think any of your investments are underperforming or are at risk, gold is the obvious solution.

Steady Performer

Gold has risen in value by 23% since the first wave of Covid hit Wuhan and the demand for gold is growing as more and more investors get cold feet and move into gold, which sends the price up. The currency markets are like rollercoaster and the US dollar is underperforming, which is a sign to sell your dollars and buy gold. Gold dealings are on the rise, mainly due to the arrival of small investors looking for a safer haven, at least until things return to normal, which might not be for a couple more years.

Online Solutions

Wherever you happen to live around the globe, you are never far from a registered gold bullion dealer and Google will help you to locate their offices and you can take possession of the gold. Once registered, you can login to their website and check the spot price on a daily basis. Should you wish to acquire more, you can carry out the transaction securely online and your gold will be sent by courier.

Collecting Gold Coins
Image Source: Unsplash

Many small investors prefer known gold coins such as the American Eagle, the American Buffalo, or the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is a great way to store your wealth. You can get the best prices from the online gold bullion dealer and selling is just as easy when the time is right. Gold is not really a good short-term investment, other than temporarily moving wealth from an investment that is at risk, or as a 
hedge against inflation.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Happy Birthday Singapore - Road Ahead


On last Friday, we've received some good news in relation to the Covid-19 measures in Singapore. Soon (from 10 Aug 2021, Tue to be exact), Singapore will gradually relax the Covid-19 measures and the Government has also list down 4-stages of reopening (from Stage 1 of preparation to Stage 4 of Covid-Resilient Nation i.e. the "new normal"). Overall, it is a positive sign for the residents as we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Having said that, we all still need to remain vigilant, continue to wear masks, maintain personal hygiene and most importantly, get yourselves vaccinated, if you have not done so (unless your situation do not allow you to do so). I am very hopeful about the road ahead of us as I am sure we will win this "war"! Also, I hope we can start to travel again (for leisure) by end of the year or beginning of next year. 

Today is also the last day of Olympic 2020 (Tokyo) and it looks like United States will top the medals table with 113 medals (table below is as accurate at 3PM today):

Olympic 2020 - Medals

There will be Live telecast of Olympic Closing Ceremony later at 6.30PM, will you be catching it? 


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Simply Invest - A Pleasant Read


When my wife saw me holding the book (Simply Invest - Naked Truths To Grow Your Money) from afar, she made a casual comment “Eh, this book title look like your blog title”. I was like “…..” lol

Anyway, joke aside, just completed reading this 2019 book by Goh Yang Chye. Even though it doesn’t really provide any new ground/perspective, at least to me, but it is still a pleasant read with its emphasis/highlights on some of the salient points about investing eg.

“Focusing on time in the market instead of ‘timing the market

“Invest for the long term

“The importance of psychological biases” 

“Market work in cycles” etc…

It doesn’t dwell very in-depth in each topic but sufficiently hit the points with relevant context like market history, charts and research results etc. Also, the book do promote certain way/style of investing (ie index/portfolio investing vs individual stock picking) which might not be aligned with all seasoned investors, so, do read it with an open mind.

P/S : I quite like the tile of this chapter “The ways we fool ourselves”

As we are back to Phase 2 Heightened Alert now, stay safe and stay healthy!


Sunday, May 23, 2021

LumiHealth - A great gamified App to keep us healthier

I’ve been using LumiHealth - the gamified app developed jointly by HPB and Apple (as part of the country’s Smart Nation initiative) since Dec 2020. Beside reminding/guiding users to stay healthier via regular eating, exercising and sleeping tips/challenges, it is rewarding too (up to $380 rewards to be claimed over 2 years, to be exact) as long as user accepting and completing the simple challenges being initiated.

For the time being, LumiHealth app is only made available to users (age 17 and above) with iPhone (running on iOS 13.2 or later) and Apple Watch (running on WatchOS 6 or later). So if you fit the bills, I think it is a no brainer to download the free app (click here to download), register it (via your SingPass), sync it with your Apple Watch and start to receive regular tips/challenges to stay healthier and at the same times getting rewarded for doing so. 

So far, I’ve reached chapter 6 of the program/game and managed to redeemed $45 HPB eVoucher over my 5 months+ tenure. I’ve used most of my eVoucher at  NTUC FairPrice but there are a whole list of 45 merchants accepting these eVouchers at the moment, including Cold Storage, Popular, Unity, GV etc. just to name a few. 

Each eVoucher (either in $5 or $10 quantum) has a validity period of 90 days, hence, it is advisable to redeem them in smaller amount, using them at the counter is a breeze too.

Stay on the game with Lu (the character we played in LumiHealth) by staying healthier and staying rewarded! 


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Things Change and that’s the way to go

The only thing never change in life is change itself, this is even before the deadly COVID-19 virus which creating havoc globally since early 2020. Many people’s lives have changed drastically for the worst.

Personally, I’ve changed too....but mostly not because of COVID-19...

I used to be more plump, now 13+kg slimmer, thanks to the new found chronic condition..

I used to be dislike avocado because of its “oily” taste, but now I like it very much and took it almost every other day...

I used to be a nay sayer for fish (any kind of fishes) because of their potential fishiness, but now I can accept it.. thanks to my wife.

I used to sleep quite “late” at around 11+PM  to 12+ am, but now I knock off at around 10.30PM.. thanks to ageing, I believed.

At time, we have no choice but to change (like most of my case, due to health reason) but it doesn’t means always “for the worst”. We just need to adjust our life accordingly and many a time, change is just part and parcel of life.

Never afraid of change, never stop living...


Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Rarest Precious Metals Available In 2021

For the last 2 years, the world has been gripped by a pandemic, which has wreaked havoc around the world and for many small investors, volatile markets mean liquidating wealth and storing it in precious metals is a smart move in 2021.

Image Source : Freepik

Here is some information about the rarest precious metals that people are buying in 2021. 

1.      Rhodium - This is the rarest precious metal on the planet that is a noble metal in the platinum family and the main usage of Rhodium is in the manufacture of catalytic converters, which are found on all modern automobiles. If you wanted to acquire one kilogram of this very rare element, it will cost you more than $600,000 and about 30 tons are mined annually.

2.      Iridium - Another platinum metal, iridium is the second densest metal, behind osmium, which was first discovered in 1803, when a scientist looked carefully at some platinum residue. The metal is used to make high-performance spark plugs, as the metal retains its properties at very high temperatures. To give you some idea of its rarity, iridium is 40 times rarer than gold and if you wanted to get your hands on one kilogram, it would cost a cool $100,000.

3.      Gold - Gold has always been the very foundation of global health since time began. Now is the ideal time to acquire gold as an investment and with a Google search, you can find a nearby reputable gold bullion dealer. When buying gold, you should always take physical possession and wherever you live, you are never far away from a recognised gold bullion dealer who can be found with an online search. At the current prices, it would cost you $58,000 for a kg of pure gold and with prices rising, now would be a good time to buy that much gold. Have a look at the gold Adelaide investors get from City Gold Bullion.

4.      Palladium - Another silvery metal from the platinum family of metals, palladium is primarily used in the making of catalytic converters, a device that turn toxic emissions into less toxic materials, essential for reducing global pollution. The annual production is around 220 tons and at just over $77,500 per kg, this is an expensive and rare precious metal.

5.      Ruthenium - Yet another metal from the platinum family, ruthenium is inert to almost all other chemicals and cost around $9,000 for a kg. This metal is used in the making of certain alloys and to make very resistant electrical contacts, while it is also used as a chemical catalyst. Ruthenium is found in ore and both North and South America have traces of this metal.

If you would like to invest in precious metal, gold is the safest commodity, especially during these troubled times and a Google search will help you to locate a reputable gold bullion dealer who has offices close to your home. Gold has performed well during the pandemic, as many investors made the switch to gold, which is less risky than other investments.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Syfe REIT+ Investment

As a follow-up to my earlier post (here) in comparing my recent allocation of fund and experience into Endowus, Syfe and StashAway, I've indicated that I intend to allocate additional fund into Syfe REIT+ portfolio, hence this post. 

Last week, I've successfully injected additional S$6K into Syfe REIT+ portfolio (I've chosen the 100% REIT allocation option and not the ARI, Automated Risk-managed Investment option in view of the small size of my fund). The Syfe REIT+ portfolio is closely replicate the performance of the SGX iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index (which cover about 10 high quality REITs in Singapore). Also, it offer the feature to re-invest the dividend automatically into the portfolio, which is perfect. 

My intention is to leave the fund here for longer term, I will review the performance again (probably in a couple of months) and decide whether to further inject new fund into this portfolio. 

If you are keen to explore this platform, do feel free to use my referral code of SRPTG2S4L to enjoy the fee waiver of up to 6 months on first S30,000 investment.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Endowus , Syfe and StashAway : My experience So Far

In an attempt to find better way to simplify how I make the equities investment (I must admit that I am poor at stock picking and timing the market), I've been trying out a number of robo-advisors (all regulated by MAS) which are quite popular locally, in the past few months. 

So, this post is to share my experience thus far on each of these platforms. The 3 platforms that I will be touching on are :

1. Syfe - Started since Dec 2020 (for my cash investment)

2. StashAway - Started since Dec 2020 (for my SRS investment)

3. Endowus  - Started since Mar 2021 (for my CPF-OA investment)

Note: a. As I am investing varying amounts in each of these platforms, so I will indicate their performances in % for better comparison. b. I've chosen the portfolio with "higher return potential" in all my initial investments.   

1. Syfe

a. App experience: The App's UI  is sleek and easy to use. The App UI has been slightly revamped recently, once you get the hang of it, it's easy-peasy. Also, the funding/deposit process is quite straight-forward, for depositing from local banks, you can use either PayNow (via UEN) or FAST/GIRO transfer via Internet Banking. 

b. Investment details: You can select from a few of the predetermined core portfolio i.e. Core Growth (my choice), Core Balanced, Core Defensive, Cash+ or REIT+ (latest addition). Once you've chosen the portfolio (you can choose multiple portfolio for your investments), you will be able to see the actual funds/stocks purchased and the fees paid (if any) upon clicking into the portfolio.

c. Investment Performance (from Dec 2020 till Mar 2021): 5.74% (Time weighted Return)    

d. Other Useful Stuff: The same App contain Knowledge (or educational) section covering Guides, Advices, Magazines and even Webinars on anything and everything about personal investing.   

e. My take so far: I am quite happy with my experience so far and the next portfolio that I will be interested to explore further is their REIT+ portfolio.  If you are keen to explore this platform, do feel free to use my referral code of SRPTG2S4L to enjoy the fee waiver of up to 6 months on first S30,000 investment. 

2. StashAway:

a. App experience: The App's UI  is slightly more complicated but still not difficult to maneuver around. As I am in vesting my SRS amount in this platform, I just need to link my SRS Account and indicate the amount to begin my investment. For cash investment, the funding/deposit process is quite straight-forward, for depositing from local banks, you can use either PayNow (via UEN) or bank transfer via Internet Banking. 

b. Investment details: You can select from a few of the predetermined core portfolio i.e. General Investing (my choice), Goal-Based Investing or Income Portfolio. Once you've chosen the portfolio (you can choose multiple portfolio for your investments), you will be able to see the actual funds/stocks purchased and the fees paid (if any) upon clicking into the portfolio.

c. Investment Performance (from Dec 2020 till Mar 2021): 6.63% (Time weighted Return)    

d. Other Useful Stuff: The same App contain Academy section covering videos and articles as well as upcoming events on anything and everything about personal investing.   

e. My take so far: I am quite happy with my experience so far and I will consider continue to invest my SRS fund in this platform going forward.  If you are keen to explore this platform, do feel free to use my referral code here  to enjoy the fee waiver of up to 6 months on first S10,000 investment. 

3. Endowus:

a. App experience: As I need to complete the "ABS-SAS eLearning Module for Unit Trusts and Investment-Linked Insurance Products" and upload my certificate online once I passed, it took me ahile before my onboarding process is finally completed in Mar 2021. The App's UI  is clean and professionally look, not difficult to maneuver around. As I am investing my CPF-OA amount in this platform, I just need to link my CPF-OA Account and indicate the amount to begin my investment. For cash investment, the funding/deposit process is quite straight-forward, for depositing from local banks, you can use either PayNow (via UEN) or bank transfer via Internet Banking. So far, this is the only robo-advisor platforms (among the three) that allow the source of fund from Cash, SRS and CPF-OA. 

b. Investment details: You can select from a few of the predetermined core portfolio i.e. General Wealth Accumulation (my choice), Cash Smart, Fund Smart. Once you've chosen the portfolio (you can choose multiple portfolio for your investments), you will be able to see the actual funds/stocks purchased and the fees paid (if any) upon clicking into the portfolio.

c. Investment Performance (from Mar 2021 till Mar 2021): 1.52% (Time weighted Return)    

d. Other Useful Stuff: N.A.

e. My take so far: I am still monitoring the performance of this portfolio as it is too early to assess at the moment.  If you are keen to explore this platform, do feel free to use my referral code here  to enjoy the fee waiver of up to 6 months on first S10,000 investment. 

Are you investing with any of the abovementioned Robo-adviser? What is your experience so far?


Thursday, March 4, 2021

3 Things I Leant From My Recent Medical Condition

Patient tag at the hospital

18 Feb 2021 (Thu) is just one of those mundane day, it is supposed to be just another normal work-from-home working day, but it is not. Wife told me that she has been noticing about the louder than normal "snoring" sound (even though I am wearing the nose-patch which deemed effective for the past few months), but I continue to "sleep". 

Why it is so "un-normal" for me? I felt like my body has insufficient energy to wake up (I usually woke up at 7AM during weekdays and it is already 8 AM but I am still "sleeping"). After a few nudged by wifey, finally managed to drag my body up from the bed and utter something that I myself also cannot apprehend. After tidying the bed a bit, I walk slowly but snake-ly towards the living room and "falled" straight on the sofa and remain there for awhile...

Wife noticed that something is not right for me, she recommended I see doctor and search for the GP near my house and wait for the clinic to open, she made an immediate phone-call reservation for the appointment. 

During this period, my walking is unstable and I faced difficulty in grinding out words that's considered audible and understandable... 

After a few test carried out by the GP, he recommended me to go straight to the SKGH (Sengkang General Hospital) A&E with a referral as he is suspecting that I am having a stroke symptoms... This strike me like an iron rod but life goes on (for the time being)...

Luckily SKGH is near my place and after waited for about 30-40 minutes, I finally seen the doctor (or nurse) and they have immediately sent me for the necessary lab-test like CT Scan etc...After waited for about 1-2 hours, a group of doctors finally told me that I am having a stroke (the exact medical term that they used in the MC is Thalamic stroke, left thalamic infarct) and need to admit me immediately for follow-up test (like MRI, Echocardiogram etc...) to counter confirm that my stroke condition is not worst than what has been shown in the CT Scan.
The "hole" that I will remember for life!

After 5 days/4 nights in the hospital and went through numerous tests (as mentioned above) and the daily (day and night) measures of my blood pressure and blood glucose (I was diagnosed to be a Diabetic one month ago and on daily medication), I am deemed "ready" to discharge from the hospital and to recuperate at home instead (with the 1 month MC given for stroke patient). 

I am still recuperating from my condition at the moment but as my condition is considered mild in nature (at least that's what I believed), I will do my best to come back stronger.  

So, following are the three things that I've learnt:
1. Even though my admission is considered urgent, I have LOG (Letter of Guarantee) from my company and I have Integrated Shield Plan as back-up plan, I still decided to stay in the B2 Class (with Government subsidy) ward. I am with 4 other patients in my ward but the doctors and nurses are equally professional and caring in their services. it also make the "stay" less boring. So why not?  Besides, with the recent news that the Riders of the Integrated Shield Plans are going to change to "with co-payment" Plan, I think it is only fair for us to "bear" some cost and choose the right services. Stay rightly!  

2. For the past one month, with the diagnosis of my Diabetes, I have been eating healthier and exercise more regularly (where possible), I don't anticipate that any such major illnesses (stroke, in this case) will hit me in such short time, but I am wrong. Never say never! Even though high chance that my case is  due to hereditary (my mum has diabetes/stroke prior to her passing on), it is still a factor that we all need to take into consideration when reviewing our health. Health is Wealth!

3. You are what you eat! Before discharge, we went through a session with Dietician on the diet that I should and should not take, it is a good news that for the past one month, my wife has been hitting the jackpot for all the food/fruits that I should take (in view of my diabetes condition), it also means that prior to this, I am a care-free person that eat anything/everything coming to me! Well, I am not able to turn back the clock now, the only thing that I can do now is to move forward and eat rightly (especially on the portion of food intake). Eat rightly! 

Thanks for reading and see you folks again. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Cryptos (BTC, ETH, LTC) Transfer Speed and Cost (personal experience)

All along, I am holding most of my major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and LTC) in Coinbase platform and I have been leaving it "dormant" there for quite awhile. As Coinbase no longer support withdrawal of cryptocurrencies via Xfers or local bank account, decided to transfer all my cryptocurrencies to another platform ( which is supporting Xfers (in case I need to transact in the near future).  

At the same time, I am also curious how long will it take for such transfer (it is not instant) and how much will it cost (not all is free) for each of the transfer?

Following are my findings:

1. For Ethereum (ETH) : took 8 minutes and cost me USD0.28 per USD100 (network fee)

2. For Litecoin (LTC) : took 3 minutes and cost me USD0.00 per USD100 (network fee)

3. For Bitcoin (BTC) : took 27 minutes and cost me USD0.13 per USD100 (network fee)

How I track the response time is based on the email notifications from Coinbase (the sending time) and Binance Sg (the receiving time).

From the above experience, the cheapest (free) and fastest crypto is Litecoin, the most expensive transfer is Ethereum (surprise, surprise, surprise) and the slowest is Bitcoin.

Of course, comparing to the traditional international fund transfer like West Union, the speed and cost of crypto transfer is still much cheaper. 

What is your experience of crypto transfer so far?


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Fixing Health

While many personal bloggers are busy discussing/blogging about the recent phenomena of GameStop share and make the Shorts Squeeze the trending phrase in Jan 2021, I am busy fixing my health. 

There are ample signs and symptom prior to this, my weight has been in declining mode for the past few months and physically it is quite obvious (at least from friends and relatives). High level estimate, I have lost more than 6 kg within 3 months. 

Last week, after an episode of vomiting and stomach discomfort, went to my GP and upon further blood test, I've been officially a Type 2 Diabetes patient (based on the recent report, 10.5% of Singapore population are diabetics, so ya, I am part of the statistic now). With my recent weight loss and the family history, it is not really a surprise. 

Immediately, what will be changing is my diet and close monitoring of my glucose level. I used to have sweet tooth (guess it play a major part here) and now will need to overhaul the food intake/variety. For monitoring my glucose level, thanks to the technology, I am able to track it by scanning instead of pricking via the Freestyle Libre device. It is easy to administer and totally painless too.  

Freestyle libre
Freestyle Libre pack

Freestyle libre
Freestyle Libre applicator (the real stuff)

Also, I've started the Diabetes medicine with immediate effect and due for a follow-up with the doctor sometime in Feb 2021. Well, life goes on and I will continue to do my weekend hiking/trailing where possible.

Wealth is great; Health is much better! Never too late to say this...


Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 - Look Back and Look Forward

Happy New Year 2021 to ALL!

Phew! We've finally ended the unforgiving year of 2020 and step into the new year with new hope (read vaccines). As the saying goes, TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER (明天会更好), let's keep going, keep smiling!

On my investment front, I've sold off all my DBS and OCBC shares recently with some small profit. Next, will be focusing on putting some fund in the lesser effort avenues like the Syfe (Referral Code : SRPTG2S4L) and StashAway platforms and let the professionals (or the robots) do the job on my behalf. Just completed the onboarding process not long ago and deposited some funds to try out the platforms. Let's see how it goes.  

I am also looking at Endowus platform to park some of my CPF fund but find that its onboarding process is much more complicated than the other two i.e. it requires me to take some online self-test in order to complete the registration. I guess it will take a while before I will complete the online test. 

On the personal front, 2020 is a year of ZERO oversea travel for us, except for our recent year-end "oversea" staycation at Sentosa. 2020 is also a year of LESS is MORE. Thanks to the Covid-19, most (if not all) of us spend less time physically with others but it also created opportunity for us to spend MORE time with those really close/dear to us. 

Covid-19 Vaccination administration has been kicked-off across the globe and hopefully we will soon be back to the new normal. Meanwhile, let's continue to stay vigilant and maintain the proper social distancing measures. 

If everything goes well, I hope we can travel leisurely again in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021.      


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