Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Recap #1 - My Share Investing Journey @ 23rd Mar 2014

Since this is my maiden investing journey, I've decided my write a "Weekly Recap" posts on regular basis to share what I've done in the past week.
I will jot down  anything that I've learned or transacted over the past week, in relation to my Investing Venture.
So, here we go:
What I've Learned?
1. There are more than one approach/method of Value Investing. In short, not everyone can be Warren Buffett and we need to find an approach/method that suit our investment appetite and capability. One of the other approach was shared in my earlier post here (video).
2. The "minimum charges" of the commission charged by the brokers varies and I find that Citibank's Online trading platform is the lowest ($18 as compared to the others, which is $25). See my earlier post on this topic here.
Shares That Caught My Eyes So Far:
1. Riverstone Holdings  (AP4) @SGD0.805
2. Straco Corporation    (S85)  @SGD0.585
3. Tai Sin Electric Ltd   (500)  @SGD0.335
What Shares Have I Transacted?
1. No shares were transacted yet.
Useful Resources :
1. Google Finance's Stock Screener allow you to search for a particular set of stocks that matched your criteria like PE Ratio range, Price range etc.
Google Finance Stock Screener
Google Finance - Stock Screener : sample criterias
That's it for today! Wish you have a great week ahead of you.

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