Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome to my humble beginning!

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. My name is Richard and I am from a tiny country in Asia called Singapore.  

This is my personal blog bearing all details about the humble journey of my little Share Investment Project (SIP). First, I need to be upfront that I am just a novice when come to investing but after reading a couple of books/websites, I've decided to  set aside a small capital and try my hand on share investment. I will document every single details of my portfolio and earnings/losing report on regular basis (for a start, it will be on monthly basis).

By the way, I am no longer in my 20s or 30s, In fact, I am 43 this year. I know I should have started much earlier but what the hack, it is never too late for anything ;-). As I am living in Singapore, for my initial investment will focus on Singapore stocks. 

Following are some parameters/criteria of my Share Investment Project (SIP) :

1. I will adopt the principle of Value Investing (as popularized by the world's most successful investor, Warren Buffett) PLUS selected charting/trending in my buying and selling decision.

2. My projected Capital Investment : Initial Capital = SGD 2,500 (plus on-going monthly top-up of SGD500).

3. My Target : Yield Annual Returns Rate of more than 10%

4. My stocks/shares selection criteria :
a. In view of my limited capital, I will focus on share prices less than SGD1.00
b. My Threshold of LOSE : 10% 
c. My Threshold of GAIN : 15% 

I am currently still in the midst of researching the stocks fall within my criteria and will share with you folks more in my next post.

Till then...

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