Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Travel Insurance In Singapore - 50% Discount From TravellerShield (Up To 10th Apr 2014 only)

Travel Insurance
Travelling is one of the most popular hobby among fellow Singaporean (I read it some time ago in one of the research by the local mainstream Newspaper). In fact, travelling has many pluses, besides broadening our view of life, enjoy the scenery. As investors, it is also a good avenue to check out some investing opportunities, be it properties or offshore investment from abroad.
In any case, what I am about to share today is what I deemed as "MUST-HAVE" item when travelling - Travel Insurance. Nowadays, getting a travel insurance is just a few clicks away and you can get yourself (as well as your travelling mates) insured instantly.
As I have made a last minute plan to visit Melbourne Australia over the weekend, hence the natural thing for me is to Google the best travel insurance deal from Singapore and I am pleased to share that I've found one : MSIG's TravellerShield.
They are having a 50% discount promotion for Single Trip plan from 8th April 2014 to 10th April 2014 (3 days only). Hence, if you are planning a trip soon, do grab this hard to come by deal!
To check out for more details, click MSIG - TravellerShield (via POSB site) or just click on the image below:
MSIG TravellerShield Travel Insurance
Hope you enjoy my sharing.


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