Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I am back!

Sorry folks, I have been "missing" for the last 10 days as I was away for a holiday in Melbourne, Australia. I am back now and hope to share regular post with you folks and do come back often ;-)

It was a great 10 days in a cooling weather Melbourne city and now I am back to the humid Singapore that made me warm (pun intended).

Some highlights of my trip in Melbourne :

1. The public transport there (mainly train and tram) is quite reliable and convenient. (I think Singapore can learn something from them).

2. Most people there are using iPhones (I can see Apple's smile)

3. Bikes renting in the city is very common and popular. Less car = less air pollution

4. People are still queuing up for new brands (like H&M and Uniglo). So fashions and consumer goods are lucrative businesses there.

5. Australian are very attracted to the visit of the recent visit of Royals (Duke and Duches of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate and of course the baby George)

I know, this post has nothing to do with Investing but I think it is good to spice up my blog with some variety of stuff. 

I will be back with the real thing tomorrow.

See ya! Cheers!   

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