Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Invest The Jerry Maguire Way

Jerry Maguire
In 1996, there was popular blockbuster movie called Jerry Maguire (starring Tom Cruise, Cuba Goody Jr and Renee Zellweger). It is an inspirational drama comedy with instant hit.
There is one particular scene whereby Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire) shouting over the receiver of the phone : "SHOW ME THE MONEY..SHOW ME THE MONEY..." It is a powerful scene with full of energy and probably the only scene that the audience can remember after the end of the show...and still remembering it now!
Wow, it has been 18 years and I can still remember it vividly! Scary...
Oscar-performance from Tom Cruise aside, I do believed that ENERGY is one very important element that we need to maintain regardless of what we are embarking on. Since this is a blog about investing, we can sure learn one thing or two from Jerry Maguire in relation to investing. 
Here we go :
If you want something hard enough (investment profit/success in our case), we need to put in maximum energy so that we can "shout" (learn/take action) as much as possible.
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This is just my simple connection between investing and Jerry Maguire, what do you think?

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