Sunday, April 27, 2014

Investment Seminar 2014 on 10th May looks interesting! Anyone going?

Invest Seminar 2014 - Investing In The Year Of Taper by DBS and Straits Times
Today is a quiet and humid Sunday, after the usual home-made toast bread and kopi breakfast, while browsing through the Straits Time, noticed that there is an upcoming Investment Seminar coming to town (jointly organised by DBS and Straits Times)!

It's simply called Invest Seminar 2014 and the theme is Investing In The Year Of The Taper. I considered myself a newbie when comes to investing and haven't really attended such paid seminar. Thus, would like to check out if any of the audience here ever attended this seminar (this is the third annual event) and would is your review?

The Event :
Invest Seminar 2014 - Investing In The Year Of The Taper

The Date:
10th May 2014, Saturday (9AM to 2PM)

The Fee:
SGD48 (for DBS and POSB credit cardholders)
SGD68 (for non DBS or POSB credit cardholders)
Note : 
1. Fee include tea break, buffet lunch and a goodie bag.
2. Payment is via credit cards only

The Registration Site:
Website : (non affiliate link)
(before 4th May 2014)

The Top 5 Focus of the seminar:
1. The impact of US Federal Reserve's plan to gradually reverse its monetary stimulus policy (which will eventually lead to higher interest rates)

2. How the tight labour market in Singapore and other policies can have an impact on the overall investing climate? (by Ms Lee Su Shyan, The Straits Time money editor)

3. Examination of the outlook for the commodities and the opportunities it offers (by Mr Alvin Foo, Economics correspondent) 

4. Is bonds a relevant option for retail investors amid the rising rate environment? (by Mr Clifford Lee, DBS' head of fixed income)

5. The prospects of Yuan and other currencies (by Mr Phillip Wee, DBS' senior currency economist)

Being a small retail investor, not sure whether I will gain anything out of this seminar as it seems to have quite a broad coverage (i.e. non-Singapore market focus). What do you think?


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