Friday, April 4, 2014

Looking For Dividend Paying Singapore Stocks? These Two Sites Might Help

Dividend Investing
For many Value Investors, Dividend could be one of the major source of their passive income (literally doing nothing except just holding on to the stocks). Hence, looking for valuable stocks (or business) with steady and healthy dividend paying history is important.
Of course, there is another type of investors who are looking for stocks which are paying the dividend soon (i.e. those stocks with CD [cum-Dividend] in the Remarks column) and jump in hope to gain a quick profit from the dividend yield.
Regardless, if you are a Dividend Investing, it is important to identify the Dividend Yield History and keep abreast of which stocks are paying their dividend soon (akan dating). Today, I would like to share two sites that I've gathered doing just that and hope that you find them useful too.

1. A Dividend Seeker on SGX:

This site might looks a bit primitive but it is formatted this way with valid reason. It provides an alphabetical listing of existing SGX stocks and their corresponding 6 years Dividend Yield History (if applicable).
When you clicked into the specific stock, you can view further breakdown of the Dividend Yields. To access the site, click here ==> A Dividend Seeker on SGX.    
Following is the sample screen:

2. i3 Investor's Stock Dividend:

This site showing you the Singapore Stocks with upcoming dividend announcement/payment. You can filter by "Announcement Date" or "Record Date".
To access the site, click here ==> i3 Investor's Stock Dividend.
Following is the sample screen:

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