Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Shares Portfolio Recap #1

Time flies, I have been blogging about my small shares investment venture for more than a month now and it is time to do some recap of how I done so far.
Being a small retail investor, the capital and the figures that I am about to share will deemed negligible to many of you but I am pretty sure that soon after I've gotten a hang of the game, I will gradually increase the capital (to make the numbers more meaningful).
Without further ado, here are some main recap of my shares portfolio :
Time period : 1 month (first shares was bought on 31st March 2014)
Number of counters currently still holding : 3 (2 from SGX and 1 from NASDAQ)
Total Capital : SGD3,566.00
Overall Rate Of Returns : 2% (or 0.04% if taking into consideration of the commission/fee)
What I've learned so far?
So far, I've learned quite a number of fundamental and common phenomena (e.g. share price will usually dropped on the ex-date, which is almost equivalent to the dividend declared) etc. Such knowledge will better equip me to withstand the momentary market trends without emotionally affected. 
The Challenge?
For small investors, the main challenge is the high commission rate (currently, I am using POEMS which comes with a minimum SGD25 commission fee). Together with the transactional/clearing fee, the charges itself is an upfront loss of about 1.5%.
For more details about my portfolio, check it out here.

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