Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Stock Pick #2 - Baker Technology Limited (568)

Baker Technology Limited
After successfully gotten 2 lots of Straco Corporation (S85) Shares, the next stock in my watch list is Baker Technology Limited (568).
Brief profile of the company (source :
Baker Technology Limited (formerly known as Wassall Asia Pacific Limited) is an investment holding company, manufactures and provides specialized equipment and engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry. The company engages in the design and construction of a range of equipment and components, including offshore pedestal cranes, anchor winches, skidding systems, jacking systems, and raw water tower structures. It sells its products in China, Singapore, the Middle East, and rest of the Asia-Pacific.
Even though the company do not have the best book in the last year and experienced a 15% drop in revenue to S$83.8 million, with profits lower at S$22.4 million but it has achieved satisfactory profits and strong balance sheet with no borrowing (as per the chairman, Mr Lim Ho Seng).
One other attractive element for me is its upcoming Dividend payment of 5 cents (per share) to be distributed in early May 2014. Currently traded at SGD0.315 and I am looking at securing 4 lots at SGD0.310.
I will keep you folks updated on the progress.
Meanwhile, if you have any comment and feedback about this stock, feel free to provide your valuable input in the comment section.


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