Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Wish Comes True - Maiden US Stock - Facebook

As per my earlier post (click here to view), I always wanted to own some small lots of US Stock. Today, my wish comes true! I've managed to secured a few odd lots of Facebook (NASDAQ). You can check out the reason of my buying in my earlier post.
Even though at the end of the trading day yesterday, the counter has dropped some USD1.57 (last done at USD56.14 and I bought it at USD57.45) but I am OK with that as I will hold it for long term investment.
In fact, my strategy is to buy this stock regularly (i.e. monthly basis) for "Cost Averaging" to take effect. The only "issue" I have is the high commission rate (USD20 per transaction) which is definitely not helpful for a small odd lot retail investors like me.
Are you a small retail investor too? How do you counteract the high commission rate issue?

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