Saturday, April 5, 2014

Secrets of Millionaire Investor (Adam Khoo) - The Book That Awaken My Investor Gene!

Adam Khoo's Secrets Of Millionaire Investors
Before I started this shares investment related personal blog, I only have fairly basic knowledge about share investment and always have the view that Shares is a risky vehicle to make money, you can make money only if luck is at your side i.e. I tends to equate it as gambling.
However, I have a complete 360 degree change of mind set after I've finished reading the book that I am about to share next. Co-authored by a local multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Adam Khoo and Conrad Alvin Lim, Secrets Of Millionaire Investors is one of the easiest to understand and yet most practical investment book that I've ever read.
It covers the full spectrum of stocks investment ranging from least risky (Value Investing) to the most risky (Options Trading) vehicles. To say the least, it has improved my financial intelligence tremendously (personally believed so) and increased my confidence in stock investing. With such knowledge, I am ready to kick-start my investing venture by focusing on Value Investing and Momentum Investing.
Following are the content of book :
Chapter 1 - Making Money From The Market

Chapter 2 - The Power Of Investing In Building Your Wealth

Chapter 3 - The Idiot-proof Way Of Making Money

Chapter 4 - Value Investing - Warren Buffett's Secret (my favourite chapter!)  

Chapter 5 - Momentum Investing - Catching The Stocks Before They Fly

Chapter 6 - The Amazing World Of Options

Chapter 7 - Using Call Options To Reduce Risk & Boost Returns

Chapter 8 - How To Make Money In Any Direction

Chapter 9 - Your Next Step To Financial Freedom

Click on the image below to take a look at the book and read the first chapter for free:

Which is/are the book(s) that change your mind-set on investing? Do share them in the comment section below.


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