Friday, April 4, 2014

What Are The Different Types Of Stocks (Infographic)

What are the different types of stocks Infographic
As far as investment is concerned, knowledge is paramount to the success. The more we know, the lesser the risk! In fact, it is true for everything else in life ;-)
I am also a proponent of learning together and sharing it forward. Hence, if I were to chance upon any great resources about investment, I will share it all out here.
Today, I am going to share an infographic created by Timothy Sykes whereby it provide a fundamental view of the different types of stocks in the market e.g.
1. Common Stocks vs Preferred Stock
2. Growth Stocks vs Value (Income) Stocks
3. Different Market Caps
4. Different industry sectors etc...
This is more for the beginners!
Enjoy the infographic below:
Click image to see a larger versionTypes of Stocks 1.0-01What are the Different Types of Stocks via Timothy Sykes

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