Monday, April 28, 2014

Would I Get The Facebook Share In My Portfolio?

Facebook investment
Even though I am a newbie small retail investor but I always wanted to own some US stocks (besides earnings, it is also meant to diversify my portfolio, however small it is). As we can buy US stocks in odd lot, so owning US stocks is not that expensive (of course, if invested in too few shares, it could means that all the earnings, if any, will most likely be offset by the commission charges).
In the past few weeks, many of the technology stocks in the US market are facing a south-ward trend, this triggered me to look at one of my favourite company FACEBOOK (FB). Being an hard-core Facebook user, the recent plunge of the share price (USD57.71 at at last Friday, 25th April 2014) and coupled with the stronger than estimate Q1 2014 result, I've decided to try my hand on this counter and submitted my very first BUY of the US Stocks.
Still pending for the US market to open later at night, Singapore time and thus will share with you folks whether it is a good news or not tomorrow.
Do you invest in US stocks? Which is/are your gems?

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