Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Would The Excessive Long Weekends In 2015 Affect Overall Investment Momentum?

Singapore Public Holidays 2015
If you have not already know, we are going to have 8 long weekends in 2015 i.e. Public Holidays fall on Fridays, Sundays or Mondays. It is a good news especially for those who are currently working full time (like myself) as we need to take less Annual Leaves to enjoy longer breaks.
Having said that, do you think that with such high numbers of long weekends, would it affect the investment momentum as a whole? In short, comes next year, people might arrange for more regular and longer travelling plans during these period and hence less active in the shares market?
But come and think of it, maybe I am just overly exaggerated as nowadays shares trading can be done with just a few clicks (or tap or swipe) online from anywhere in the world. Hence, let's forget about all this investment momentum thingy, just check out the Singapore Public Holidays 2015 below and start to plan your holidays early!
Singapore Public Holidays 2015
Singapore Public Holidays 2015

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