Monday, May 5, 2014

If Peter Parker (Spiderman) Is A Small Investor In Singapore, Which Stocks Would He Buy?

The hottest blockbuster movie at the moment is The Amazing Spiderman 2, whether you have watched it, like it or not, you just cannot ignore it. Being a movie buff myself, I like to mix thing around and thinking out loud.
My crazy mind having a thought : What if Peter Parker (aka the Spiderman) is in Singapore and a retail investor (since he is also struggling to make ends meet in the movie), what stocks would he buy? WARNING : This post is just for fun and if you happen to be reading it, don't spend too much time dwelling into the rationale as there might never be one ;-)
Being a care-free teenager with special power to save the world, he still suffered from self-doubt and lack of confidence in his everyday dealings. Also, he is not as smart/intelligence as his love interest, Gwen Stacy academically, I "foresee" that he will adopt the short term approach as he won't be too keen to read the stacks after stacks of annual reports. Hence, I think he will just invest in the stocks that in the news at the moment e.g. SMRT (S53) and any of the 3 big banks in Singapore (DBS, OCBC and UOB).
In the movie, you will notice that public transports (like buses or trains) are playing key roles in his web slinging or citizen saving sequences, I am sure he will value public transports very much (hence, SMRT is my first choice). Since his Uncle Ben and Aunt May are constantly seems to be struggling financially, I do believed that he is keen to invest in the financial institutions for a sense of financial security(hence, the Singapore banks). 

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