Saturday, May 24, 2014

If Yakun is listed, I will sure to be their shareholder!

For locals, I believed most of us know Yakun chain. Yes, the one serving the kata toast bread and kopi (coffee in local term). I am a regulars of Yakun and kind of addicted to their aromatic kopi. As oppose to the branded kopi like Starbucks or Coffee Beans, co preferred the local and traditional flavor. Hmmm.. Maybe it is the generation thingy ;-)

Just wonder why is Yakun still not listed their company so that the general public can own part of the business and it will sure to help the company expand their business to other countries. If Yakun is launching their IPO, I believed I will be one of the many potential investors keen to queue up in the ATM machine to try our luck.

Following are 5 of my personal reasons:

1. The business of Yakun seems to be booming. Queue (to place order) is expected and there are many new branches being launch across the island.

2. Their service is prompt and customers flow is quick

3. Constantly introducing new variety to their menu (the last one go know is the steam bread with kaya with butter or peanut)

4. Even though the business is considered competitive (with the local and international competitors) but it seems that Yakun has strike a impeccable business model traditional Chinese "fast food" chain.

5. Singaporean like to drink kopi and eat maya toast bread, in fact, I can eat a few times a week. 

Do you think there is a possibility that Yakun will be listed in the near future? If yes, would you be interested to be part of it?



  1. Profitable companies usually don't want to IPO. The mentality of "why share if my business is doing well?" is still very prevailing in our society. However, we will still see local entrepreneurs started to exit in the recent years. Who have expected IPO of Mary Chia? Ironically, they raised only SGD5 million through the IPO and furthermore, SGD2m will be used to pay listing-related fees.

    The question is "why they do that?" a lot of time, these business owner have aged and they are doing this as part of estate planning. Will Yakun follows suites?

    Likely. Mr Adrin Loi is already 60. He has to pass the baton to his successors. IPO is part and parcel of raising the company profile which in turn aid in finding talented executives to join the company.

    1. Neo : Can't agree more with you. Looks like you are very familiar with the Ya Kun's business owner ;-)


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