Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interview With Desmond Yee of Passive Income Builder

Interview with investor
Wow! I can't believed it, within less than a week, I've received three great response for my "Interview With Fellow Investors" series and I hope to keep the momentum going. For complete list of retail investors that I've interviewed, check out the page here.
For my third interviewee, Desmond Yee, I get to know him not from his blog or social media but from the introduction of Christopher Ng (see my earlier interview with him here for details). When I first saw him, I thought he is just out from University and waiting to get into the working life. So, you can gauge how youthful he looks like. On second thought, it could be due to my deteriorating "old flower" (presbyopia)..? Just kidding..

Now, let's get to know more about Desmond here:

Q1 : Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
I am a 35 year old Singaporean male who is born in the year of the goat. I have been working in the line of IT for the past 10 years and have travelled and worked in countries like India, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore. In my free time, I like to jog, read and play games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.

Q2 : Are you a full time or part-time investor at the moment?
At the moment, I am a full time investor who is on the lookout for his next exciting role!

Q3 : When (at what age) did you start investing in shares and who has influenced you the most?
I started investing at the age of 18. My mother was a major influence. I have seen my mother lost a lot in shares but I was pretty intrigued by it. I can get people to give me dividends without lifting a finger if I own those stocks which pay them.

Q4 : Do you view yourself as long-term (holding shares in years), short-term investor (holding shares in days/months) or mixture?
I am quite a mix (rojak so to speak). I hold on to shares for typically a very long time. However, recently I am in a bit of a selling bout. With the recent run up in the share prices, I am also taking profits to secure my gains and am on the lookout for better opportunities in the future.

Q5 : What is your basis of selecting the shares to invest (e.g. basing on fundamental analysis, technical analysis or other methods/sources [share a little bit more details if it is the latter])?
I am more of a dividend investor. I am keen on companies that give out high dividends, which explains my high exposure on REITS. I am currently trying to cut down my exposure to REITS as interest rates are expected to be rising next year. I usually surf on blogs to see what others are buying and try to buy lower than them. I will typically do my own research after narrowing down on a couple of counters which catch my interest.

Q6 : What is your targeted and achieved annual rate of returns (%) so far?
My targeted rate of returns : 8%
My achieved rate of returns : I am currently from 6 to 10%

Q7 : What is your most recommended online investing resource (site or blog) to share with our readers?
Dividends Rich Warrior

Q8 : Besides shares, what other investment are you involved in (e.g. Real Estates, Bonds or REITs etc)?
I am into real estate investment and bonds as well. I am in pursuit of multiple streams of passive income!

Q9 :  What is your Portfolio Distribution like”?
My current distribution is 50% REITS, 45% on non reits and 5% on Bonds.

Q10 : If the readers what to get in touch with you, how to get hold of you? (Sharing of your website/blog/social media profile etc..)
My blog is Passive Income Builder

So, if you are a gamer, you may want to get in touch with Desmond and "fight" it out in the virtual gaming world. Once again, if YOU like to be featured in this blog, feel free to email me at


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