Thursday, May 29, 2014

Investing Lesson From "Edge of Tomorrow"

Edge Of Tomorrow
Just back from the premiere screening of Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt), courtesy of MoovieSpy (to find out more how to get free blockbuster movie tickets every week, check out my earlier post here).

I am a movie buff and especially like the ground hog day theme of movie (like to see how they unravel the web of repetitive scenes with a twist along the way and yet managed to patch it back together again at the end...).

Ok, enough of the movie, the theme of this post is more of what investing lesson I've learned from Edge Of Tomorrow (without giving away too much spoilers).

Personally, I've learned the following investing lessons :

1. If you failed the first time, try again, if failed again, try even harder...and so on and so forth. In the movie, Tom Cruise failed countless times and he made it at the end ultimately. Just like investing, we might not get the right counter or strategy, just keep trying and fine-tuning, as long as we keep trying, we will never fail!

2. If you are really stuck, try something different as the answer might be at another corner. In the movie, Tom Cruise keep trying to do and learn from the some place but when he finally decided to just let go and go somewhere else to "cool down", he chanced upon the real source of the problem. Just like in investing, if we didn't make it in stocks, maybe we can look into other investment vehicles like REITS or ETF etc... 

Ok, maybe I still want to go back to the movie ;-) I am giving it a 3.5 stars (out of 5 stars) for its entertainment value and special effect. Maybe you can consider it next week when it is released in the big screens. 



  1. Hi richard

    I hv not watches the movie yet but it appears that in the movie its about him trying failed died and repeat. Sometimes in life or even in investing, once the damage is done it is very difficult to bounce back and try again, unless we are talking about small failure here. Many times people get burned especially when the bull turns into recession catching many unprepared.

    1. In the movie, Tom Cruise will die and re-born the same day over and over again, the difference is he is aware of groundhog day effect and able to learn and take advantage of it.

      Agreed with you are at times the failure can be a huge one but however I am of the view that the big the failure, the more important to bounced back or else (i.e. dwelling into the issue) we will never recover and stand back up again. Of course, it is easier said than done lar.


  2. Let be realistic.

    Most of us have limited investing capital or able to keep adding more capital by squeezing our spending.

    We CANNOT afford to keep making big investment mistakes and losing too much money. It is extremely difficult to recover from big losses.

    1. Yes! Totally agreed with you, that's why it is important to do enough homework to avoid big losses as far as possible (i.e. the strategy to cut loss is important, I guess).

      Actually my focus is not encouraging people to fail (or make losses), but more of encourage people to continue even after failure.. maybe it is the way that I write that causes the misconception?

      Anyway, much to learn from you via your blog ;-)


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