Saturday, May 31, 2014

Investing Lesson From "Maleficent"

Just back from watching "Maleficent" at Plaza Singapura and would like share one investing lesson learned from the movie.

As you all might already know, Maleficent is the villain in the popular fairy-tale, Sleeping beauty. Since the movie is entitled Maleficent, the focus is of course on her. I quite like the way it was retold from the villain's angle, just like anything and everything in the world, there is always TWO sides of the story. Also, it is one of the most Harry-Potterised fairy-tale reboot that I've seen so far, lots of fantasy creatures, big and small, cute and ugly. It is an entertaining movie filled with great special effect and it good pace. Overall, I am giving it 4 stars (out of 5).

OK, let's get back to what Investing Lesson I've learned from the movie. As I briefly mentioned earlier, everything has 2 sides of the story, same thing happens in Investing. When we are selling, someone if buying. So why would someone want to buy when we assume it is the right time to sell (and vice versa)? Most likely. it is because the other party has seen another side of the story that we didn't see.There is no right or wrong answer, just the matching timing. Of course, the best scenario is both parties come out as winners at the end.

Have you watched Maleficent? What can you relate the movie with investing? 


P/S: I am a movie buff and hence you will see quite a number of my posts are related to movie theme ;-)

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  1. In the movie Maleficent was ripped off by the future king -- I've heard of some companies that have had investors promise to invest in them, they go ahead and make their IPO and then the investor backs out at the last minute (try looking up Vascular Biogenics) -- just like how Stephen *stabs Maleficent in the back* after pretending to care about her. I think all young girls should watch this movie to teach them to be careful about boys, to see whether the guy is truly invested in her (lol) or not.


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