Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've Got An Idea...To Get To Know YOU Better!

Even though my original intention of starting this blog is to share my personal investing venture and experiences, but after two months or so plus a little bit of research on the local (Singapore) retail investment scene, I find that it is quite vibrant and there are a few popular online community that the peers are sharing their tips, lobang and rumours.
There are some established forums (like Share Junction) and Value Buddies etc.) and blogs (like  The Motley Fool, Investment Moats etc.) but I haven't seen any site/blog getting to know YOU better. What do I even mean? Keep reading... 
I find that investing can be a two-ways process, since you have drop by my blog and I assume that you are interested in Shares investment and probably has your story/experience to share. Also, you might have your own website or blog to share your experience too. Hence, I would like to create a blog series to interview YOU, through Q&A (whether you are a newbie, seasoned investor or big guns, all are welcome).
I will publish the interview questions/answers in my blog so that we all can share each other's experience/tips in the open. Also, along the way I hope it will bring more traffics to your site/blog too (if you have one).
My questionnaires is ready and off hand I have already got 2 prospects. So, stay tuned for my upcoming blog series :
'Interview With Fellow Investors"
If YOU are interested to be featured in my blog, feel free to send me an email at and I will send you the interview questions right away.
I hope to interview at least 3 peer investors by June 2014 and hope to YOU are here too ;-)

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