Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Investing Thought On Vesak Day 2014

Vesak Day 2014
Today is Vesak Day and also a Public Holiday in many of the Asia Countries which are celebrating the Buddhism.


Since today there is nothing much to share about the market news, I intend to go back to basic and do some soul-searching stuff on what I really want to achieve in my little Shares investment venture and this blog.

I started this blog on 18th March 2014 and purchased by first stock on 31st March 2014 (Straco Corporation [S85.SI]). It has been more than one month now and I am doing OK in the actual investment front (pending to receive first dividend totally $240 at the later part of the month) and still quite active in the blog. 

I find that this little venture of mine not only provide a possible avenue of passive income (hopefully), it also helps to expand my business acumen (in terms of understanding business or industry's model, their financial strength and weaknesses etc..) whenever I did Fundamental Analysis of a particular company/stock. 

As I am a late comer (to the game) and intended to set aside only small capital (in the thousands) for the venture (at least at the beginning), hence, my focus will be on the small-to-medium cap stocks. I will review how it goes next before deciding whether to pump in more capital in the stocks market. 

I have also expanded my little share portfolio to US Market (Nasdaq) and the first stock that I've bought is Facebook (the reason being that I considered myself a social media addict ;-)). The good part about the US Market is that it allows odd-lot investment i.e. not necessary to buy 1,000 shares (like in Singapore). The exciting part about the US stocks is that it is much much more volatile than the Singapore Stocks and if you are a short-term or day trader, I am sure your heart will be pumping at least three times your normal rate.  

One investment "addiction" that I hope to correct myself is to minimize the time I spent in checking the indexes (current situation: a few times a day). Being a mid to long term investor, there is no need for me to be so "ganjiong" (anxious) about the volatility of the market but I am sure many of you know that it is easier said than done ;-) 

All in all, I am happy with what I've achieved so far and hope to share more of my investment experience with you folks. If you like to take a look of my current portfolio, check it out here



  1. "As I am a late comer (to the game)"

    How young are you?

    1. I am 43 years young! ;-) btw, I visited your blog quite regularly, short and sweet posts, easy to digest. Keep it up!


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