Thursday, May 29, 2014

Next Insight - A Great Resource For Serious Investors

Next Insight
There are plenty of online resources for the investors to gather latest news/buzz of the market, most of them are free. I am pretty sure that you already have a list of websites or blogs to keep abreast on regular basis.
Today, I am gonna share with you one resourceful website that worth spreading. Next Insight!
When I first chanced upon the site, the first thing that came to my mind is : the name is not really catchy and seems relevant to the shares market. However, I like their tag line of A Hub For Serious Investors!
In fact, it is a investors portal that consists of the following four key features :
1. Latest Market News
2. Compilation of the Research Analysts' Target Prices and Evaluation (some major Research Houses like OCBC, Phillips Securities, DBS Vickers, OSK-DMG etc. are featured here).
3. User Forum
4. Listed companies' latest announcement
Hope you find this site useful.
What is your THE most important and resourceful site that you can't do without in the course of your investing venture at the moment?

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