Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Thought On Early Morning Of Saturday

Finally, weekend is here and we are able to rest our body and soul (except for those whereby weekend or weekdays doesn't make a difference to them, you know who you are ;-)) Woke up earlier and some thought came to mind and hence this post.

My thought is : does long term value investing strategy works for small retail investors? What I meant by long term is really into years or tens of years. If the invested capital is not big enough, even though we know ultimately the shares could jolly well head to the north but does the returns worth the wait? What is the opportunity cost?

I know there is no hard and fast rules or model answer to this. Just my early morning thought  ;-)

Have a good weekend! Let's keep our investing venture active and inspiring each other's along the way.



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  2. In investing, account size really matters and position sizing even more important.

    Remember wise words from George Soros!

    Read? Oct 2007 vs. Oct 2012. What will I do differently this time?

    1. Thanks for the wise words! Appreciated that..


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