Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rekindled with FRIENDS... And The Reason Why I Didn't Invest At Younger Age

Friends sitcom
Mid last month, when I was in Melbourne with wife for holiday, have a chance to rekindle with the once popular US sitcom, Friends (originally aired from 1994 to 2004). It was a repeat telecast and I am sure I've watched it more than once but the hilarious and slapstick jokes still never fail to tickle my funny bones. If you are "old" enough, I am sure you what I am talking about ;-)
It brought back many memories for the old-time and set me thinking (or rather recall) what have I done during my young adult years and didn't I think of shares investment then?
You see, I considered myself a "kampong boy", came from a small town in Northern Perak, Malaysia called Taiping. As my dad is a sole breadwinner and immediately after my SPM (equivalent to "O" level in Singapore), I step into this foreign land (which I called home now) to start my young adult working life till now. Come and think of it, it has been more than 20 years now!
Being a greenhorn and fresh from school, my first job is a junior clerical/admin position in one of the Japanese manufacturing company (if I remember correctly, it is called Rubycon). After a new years, changed industry to Insurance line, completed a few part-time courses, gotten my Degree in Computing (also part-time) and slowly moved up the corporate ladder.    
Friends sitcom
Photo from Friends sitcom
Hence, it is quite obvious why I didn't think of investing in shares then i.e. :
1. Investing in shares never cross my mind then as my focus is on my career and education (can tell that I am not that good at multi-tasking then).

2. Lack of invest-able capital (investment is all about capital)

3. My mentality of Shares Investing = Gambling

I can see that it is different world in the shares investment arena nowadays, many youngsters (some are still schooling) are getting involved in the shares investment early and some of them are doing it pretty well (at least from their blog sharing). There is no way to turn back the clock (for me) now, so I will just have to move on and JUST DO IT!

Are you a young investor? What is your experience so far?


P/S : Sorry folks, by now you would have know that there is no direct connection between Friends sitcom and my investment is just a triggering point ;-)


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