Monday, May 26, 2014

To All Fellow Movie Buff, This Post Is For YOU!

Being a movie buff myself, I just can't stop from blogging about movie! So, I've decided to dedicate this post to all thing movie and hence nothing related to investing. You have been warned ;-)

Watching movie is my favourite hobby since young. When I was younger, I watched movie practically every week and at times more than once a week. Of course, previously the movie ticket is not as expensive and don't have the premiums like 3D or IMAX. Hence, the choice is simpler then. I do still watch movies now, just not as frequent as last time.

During my search for the local peer blogging investors, for whatever reason, I chanced upon more younger male investor-cum-bloggers (maybe the lady investors like to keep the venture to themselves?!) and a number of them like to watch movies (I deduced from their referencing to the movies in their posts). Hence, I thought maybe it is just right for me to share something which I think most of you folks might be interested too (I just like to share good stuff).

It is actually a site called MoovieSpy which giving away FREE movie tickets to premiere of the latest blockbuster via simple contests. In fact, courtesy of MoovieSpy, I am going to watch Edge Of Tomorrow this Thursday (29th May), one week before the general release next week. 

Two things that I like about MovieSpy are :
a. Participating in the contest is easy (mostly through Facebook contest) and 
b. There are always new movie contest to look out for, week in week out. 

If you are a movie buff like myself and enjoy free movies, do check out their site and Facebook Fan Page below:

MoovieSpy webite:
MoovieSpy Facebook Fan Page:

By the way, their upcoming contests are:
1. How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2nd June 2014, Mon)
2. Blended - Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore  (3rd June 2014, Tue)
3. Draft Day - Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner (4th June 2014, Wed) and many more coming soon.

Hope you folks enjoy my sharing.


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