Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To me, Investing is a venture of HOPE!

The Amazing Spiderman 2 vs hope
After gotten my hand dirty in plunging into the game of shares investment for more than a month now, my view of this mini investment venture of mine is contrary to many others. Instead of viewing it as a game of calculated risks or probability, I view it as a Venture of HOPE!
Why did I said so?
From the first minute we step into the "game", we HOPE that :
1. Our Analysis (Fundamental or Technical) is correct
2. We finally found the under-valued gems (before everyone else)
3. The Mr Market move in accordance to our 'calculated' prediction
4. The price that we bought is at the lowest
5. The price that we are selling (or going to sell) is at the highest
6. We finally found a sure win means for our retirement nest egg accumulation etc...
We are pretty hopeful, to say the least.
Being an optimist, I believed it is important for us (small retail investor) to keep an high level of optimism in our investing venture (however small it is), try to learn and enjoy (the emotional roller coaster) along the way. Ultimately, we might or might not profited monetarily from the overall venture but our investment knowledge is sure to improve.  
We all know that in reality, not all hope will turn into reality or materialised, same thing applies to the shares investment. Thus, we should continue to HOPE but do accept the fact that some hope might turn into hopeless and so be it!
This is just my thought on investing, what is yours?
P/S : You might be wondering what is the connection of the "The Amazing Spiderman 2" photo with the theme of this post, in fact, the spiderman movie (or comic) is all about HOPE!  


  1. That's a 4 letter word! Trust it turns up well.

  2. Hahaha.. So far so good and am still HOPING ;-)


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