Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two Month Into This Blog And What Happened Today Is Not What I've Expected!

Unexpected Journey
I started this blog on 18th march 2014 with the objective of sharing what I've learned (about investing) and the progress of my mini Shares Investment venture. Prior to this, I am a total newbie as far as shares investment is concerned. During this two months period, I've completed 3 "buy" transactions and am still holding on to them (if you are interested to know my humble pick, check out my meagre portfolio here).
But what happens this afternoon is not something I've expected, it exceeded what I am asking for from blogging! Ok, it is nothing "life changing", in fact, it is something very routine to many of you but it is still worth my sharing.  
Before that, let me share a bit of the history: After I've decided to kick start my mini Shares Investment Venture, I've started to browse through some of the Singapore investment related blogs and found quite a number of great and resourceful blogs. One of them is Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity , after getting connected with the owner (Christopher Ng) via Facebook, we started to chat occasionally and hence establish our "virtual friendship". Through his blog and social media interaction, I learned more about him e.g. he is an author of a couple of Finance related books (can be found here and here through Amazon), an avid reader, a movie buff (like me) and also a man with mission (something towards the extend of blending legal with engineering).
Today, we finally met up for lunch and have a great chat on anything under the sun. Not only that, he brought along another fellow blogger (Desmond Yee) which is a bonus (or should I said "Dividend" in the Shares term?), I just loved making new friends, especially those liked minded ones!
I am sure we will meet again with them but just like to share my thought on this unexpected turn of event originated from this blog.

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