Friday, May 9, 2014

Which Element(s) In Investing Is Deemed GODZILLA To You?

Godzilla vs Investing
Ok granted, I believed many of you folks would be wondering what am I talking about!? Godzilla? Investing? What's the connection?
First, let me explain my rationale and a few things about myself :
1. I am a movie buff and like to link movie theme with my other new found venture aka investing
2. Godzilla is the upcoming blockbuster that worth talking about. If you are still clueless about the movie, check it out here :
From the trailer(s) that I've seen so far, I deduced that the seemingly "bad" beast i.e. Godzilla might be a "friend" of man kind i.e. it helps us warding off other monsters (yes, there are more than one giant monsters in the movie). So, using Godzilla as an analogy, which are the element(s) in investing that are seemingly "bad" (enemy or foe if you like to call it) but in actually fact, they are the necessary "evil" to fence off the real "devil"! Got it? ;-)
Just quote a few example :
a. The size of leverage (debt or borrowing)
b. The aggressive expansion/diversification (especially to new and uncharted territory)
c. Excessive dividend pay-out etc...
What is your call?

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