Monday, May 12, 2014

Which Penny Stocks Are This Week's "Bad Neighbours"?

Bad neighbours
As I am a movie buff, I do follow the US weekly box office quite closely, last week, the considerably low budget comedy new movie "Bad Neighbours" (in US, it is titled "Neighbours", maybe the bad action by the neighbours is not bad enough there!) outwit "The Amazing Spiderman 2" (on its second week of release).
Also, the win is not marginal, Neighbours took in USD51.1 millions vs The Amazing Spiderman 2's USD37.2 millions.  
So its kind of like David vs Goliath! I am sure you know which is which.
If we were to apply it in the shares market in Singapore and akin "Bad Neighbours" as "penny stocks" and "The Amazing Spiderman 2" as "blue-chips" (or even the STI Index), what would this week's Bad neighbours (I meant Penny Stocks) that will beat the market?
Just take for an example, I would consider one of last week's "Bad Neighbours" is Straco Corporation (S85.SI) whereby it rise about 6% last week (from SGD0.60 [2nd May] to SGD0.64[9th May]) VS STI Index's drop of 0.4%.
In the past few days, saw quite a lot of buzz about Yongnam Holdings (Y02.SI) [last traded at SGD0.24], do you foresee it will be the "Bad Neighbours" of the week?

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