Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yet Another Unexpected Surprise Coming To This Blog?

pleasant surprise
While I've just published the first unexpected turn of event triggered from this blog (click here to see). Last night, I've received yet another pleasant surprise originated from this humble blog.
It might be still too early to finalise anything and it might not be materialised after all but hack care, just like to share the potential good news around, regardless of how big or small is it.
So, the story goes like this : I've been approached by an advertiser (will not disclose the name until it is finalised) for a deal of advertising package to be placed on this 2-months young blog. I am in cloud nine now, just by the pure offer itself as it is really not within my wildest imagination, especially within such a short period of this blog creation.
I hope I can share with you folks more of this potential in the upcoming days/weeks. In any case, it seems that online opportunities are everywhere and starting this investment related blog is the best thing that I've done in relation to my mini investment venture.

P/S: Being a small retail investor, I don't expect to get rich (or poor) via investing alone, but it seems that it is a venture worth taking as I already can see the fruits (new knowledge, friendship and other opportunities) dangling in front of me..

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