Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cool eBooks Companion - NLB's eReads

If you have not already know, one of the common attribute of world's wealthy and successful persons is : AVID READER! Yes, they tends to read a lot and read widely. As a retail investors, I guess besides Annual Reports, there are lots of other interesting and important knowledge to grab too.
With the invention of eBooks, as long as we are connected to the network, I would say that there is practically unlimited eBooks we can read (legally) anywhere, anytime. No, I am not talking about Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble, I am talking about something closer to us (Singaporean).
If you have not already know, our own National Library do provide loaning of eBooks feature and they simply called it eReads. Recently, I've borrowed my first eBook through eReads and I must say that I like it a lot as the interface and reading experience is fantastic. The beauty of it is it you can read the book right away via your web browser i.e. no app is required.
Oh! The book that I am currently reading is stock investment related and it's called "Getting Started In Stock Investing & Trading - illustrated Edition", very easy read and good for newbies like me. If you are interested, you can check out more details of the book from the Amazon site (by clicking on the image below) and loan it from NLB ;-)
Are you reading any stock investment related book now?

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