Monday, June 2, 2014

Do You Usually Factor In These 2 Elements In Calculating Your Rate of Returns?

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Ok, this might be a newbie question but since I am a newbie here, so please bear with me ;-) Also, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, I just like to survey the norm.
My question is rather simple, do you usually factor in the following elements in calculating your rate of returns and why?
- The commission/fee for both purchase and sell transactions.
- The dividend(s) that you've received during the holding period.
Personally, I do take into consideration of the above mentioned elements since my invested capital is rather low and hence it does make a difference ;-)
What about you? Feel free to share your view in the comment below.
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  1. Hi Richard,

    Yep. I take both into consideration when calculating XIRR. Bro8888 has written several articles on rate of returns.

    I'm a dividend investor. If I don't take into account dividends, I would probably be looking at 0% returns.


    1. Hi Derek,

      Thanks for the input. True, for the dividend investors like yourself, dividend is actually the real returns ;-)

      Errr... I am quite new to the community, who is this Bro8888 huh? Will like to check out his articles.


    2. Hi Richard,

      Here you go >

    3. Oic You are talking about him, I do check out his blog regularly and I am he is one of the sifu in this community


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