Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair For Hope 2014 - Dare To Make A BALD Statement For A Good Cause?

Hair For Hope 2014
This post has nothing to do with stock investing but a much more inspiring one. It is a post about GIVING and MEANINGFULNESS in life. It might sounds a bit contradicting but life is not just about MONEY ;-)
Last year, I made a bold and bald statement and went for the Hair For Hope event to get my hair shaved for a meaningful cause. For the first time in my adult life, I went completely bald and it lasted me for a few weeks before I regained my hair back. The key thing is : I feel GREAT after the event and have a sense of achievement. 
If you have not already know, Hair For Hope is a charity program initiated by Children's Cancer Foundation and it is at its 12th year now! Last year, thousands of participants thronged into Vivocity to get their hair shaved. This year, the target is to encourage more than 6,500 shavees and raise $3.6 million to aid children and families impacted by cancer. Ok, ok. Ultimately, it is still about MONEY, but it is for a meaningful cause.
This year's Hair For Hope Main Event will be conducted on 26th July (Sat) [from 11am to 7pm] and 27th July (Sun) [from 11am to 6pm] at VivoCity, Singapore. Online registration for individual shavees has closed, but if you are interested to be part of this meaningful cause, you can still go and join the WALK-IN queue. As I missed the closing date too, hence will be joining the WALK-IN crowd on Sunday! [Note : do consider going there early as the crowd/queue is expected to be crazy/long]
Oh! I know many of the peer investors here like to keep anonymous in their online presence, for me, I hack care.. ;-) This is how I look when I am bald, photo taken immediately after the Hair For Hope 2013 event (which is about one year ago) :
Hair For Hope
Hair For Hope 2013
Besides being a better investor, let's all work towards being a better person too ;-)


P/S: If you like to find out more about Hair For Hope event, check out their official site here and/or donate online here.

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