Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Has The World Cup Effect Started Earlier?

World Cup 2014
In less than 8 days' time, the world's hottest one-month long sport event, World Cup 2014 will kick-off in Brazil (12th June 2014, Thu to 13rd July 2014, Sun). Usually, the global markets will go slow during the World Cup season. It is understandable as majority of the investors are male (not being sexist here) and man like football ;-)
While writing this post, the STI is dropping 16.01 points (to 3,280.66), which is about 0.5%, so, I just wonder whether the World Cup fever effect started earlier or it's a delayed defect of "Sell in May and Go Away"?
Personally, would you be actively trading during the World Cup season? For me, I guess there is not much different as I don't think I will follow many matches. Being an England fan, most probably I will only follow their matches and selected other big games.
Oh, talking about World Cup, basing on a recent survey, Singapore's cost of watching World Cup telecasts (via Singtel or Starhub) is the most expensive one in the region!


  1. Watch youtube! I think they would show the important matches for free! :D

    1. Hi PIB, I think there are a few free to air matches in Singapore's national stations too. But I don't think Youtube will have live matches for those paid ones. ;-)


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