Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Do You Build Up Your Invest-able Capital?

When comes to stock investment, one of the key element is the size of your investment i.e. the capital that you've invested. Example, for an annual returns of say 8% (which is considered very attractive) and you only invested with say $2,000, the actual returns in actual quantum is only $160 per year. However, if you've invested say $20,000, the actual returns is $1,600 per year (before taking into consideration of the compounding effect if you were to reinvested the earnings).
Of course, I know I am talking nonsense and saying the obvious (who doesn't know right?). My real intention is actually try to do a quick survey on how do you folks build up your invest-able capital (i.e. your War Chest)? I come to aware that there are quite a number of young chaps (in their 20s) able to save up to hundred of thousands just for investment purpose. Kudos to them!
So, to make thing simple, you can choose from any of the following method(s) and share them in the comment section :
1. Savings (via allowance from parent or full-time/part-time job or your business)
2. Other streams of income (e.g. internet marketing, commission etc..)
3. Sudden windfalls e.g. 4D, Toto or inheritance
4. Others ... please provide details.
For me, they are purely from the savings (#1) and am looking rigorously into #2 (especially on internet marketing segment). What about you?


  1. Hide some more money from wife. LOL!

    1. Oooooh! Now I know your trick! But in the first place, where did you get the "money" to hide ah? lol

  2. Hi Richard

    For me it would be savings at first then slowly income from dividends help to multiply the compounding effect.

    1. Thanks B, I guess this is the most common ways for most retail investors.


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