Sunday, June 15, 2014

How You Choose The World Cup Team(s) Might Be The Epitome Of Your Natural Investing Style

Unless you are living in a cave, otherwise, I am sure you are aware that World Cup 2014 is ALREADY here and picking up feverish steam across the world (Singapore included). As I didn't subscribe to the World Cup Sports channel, this morning, I went to the Community Centre near my house to watch the England vs Italy match. See how FULL is the turnout (picture on the left)!

I am an England supporter and the result is not to our favor as we lost 1-2 to Italy. ;-( This set me thinking as to when did I start to like the soccer and why did I choose England as the national team to support since they have only won the World Cup once (in 1966), which is even before I was born?

Ok, let me think... I started to like soccer since the 2002 World Cup (hosted by Japan/Korea), again, late comer to the soccer sport as I was already in my early 30s then. After the end of the tournament, I started to follow the English Premiere League games and one of the most feared about team then, Manchester United, caught my eyes (because of the beautiful attacking football they are playing then). I am a Red Devils fan since then. As I gotten more and more exposure to the English games, I have naturally strike a connection with the England national team and the rest is history.

So, why do I think that the way we choose the national team to support is an epitome to our natural investing style? First, let's have a quick look at some possible reason why we choose the team and their correlation with our investing style.

You like the team because...

1. You are influence by your friend/family member (in the investment sense, you might be easily influenced by your friend/family in making investment decision).

2. You like the coach or the style of their play (in the investment sense, you might be putting a lot of focus on the management team and business model of the company i.e. you are looking for "quality").

3. They are the winners/champions to beat (in the investment sense, you are looking more for stable companies i.e. the blue chips)

4. Your favorite player is from that team. For example, if you like Christiano Ronaldo, you might naturally like Portugal team (in the investment sense, you might naturally attracted to the companies because you like the products/services that they are providing).       

Do take note that what I am trying to relate here is our "natural" investing style, it doesn't means that it is the style that we are practicing now. With the experience and knowledge, we will constantly fine-tune our style and hence might divert from our natural style. 

What do you think? Do you agree with my thinking out loud connotation? 

By the way, if you are a soccer fan, which national team are you supporting huh? ;-)


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