Monday, June 23, 2014

Impact Investing - What Is It and Is It For Retail Investors?

Impact Investing
Yesterday, first time came across the term "Impact Investing" from the "Invest" section of The Sunday Times. After reading through the article - Singapore 'can be good impact investing hub', I thought it is a perfect mix of investing and social responsibility.
So, what is Impact Investing? As quoted from the newspaper : it is a term refers to investing in companies that generate positive social and environmental impact along side financial returns.
There was a mentioning of social enterprises (around 200 to 300 in Singapore alone) as well as boutique companies that are creating new funds and interesting products. My question is does it means that investing in such establishments, we are deemed Impact Investing?
Are you familiar with Impact Investing? If yes, which are the current establishments (from Singapore) deemed to be "impactful" enough to fall under this category? Also, do you think it is suitable for retail investors?

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