Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview with Tom of Singapore Stock Investing (SSI)

If you are mixing with the local investor bloggers long enough, I am sure you will be familiar with the Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI) blog.  It fact it is one of the first few blogs that I've chanced upon (via Google search) when I first started my mini shares investment venture a couple of months ago.
I am pleased to share that today's interviewee is non-other than Tom Tom Tom (there is no typo here, it is not one or two "Tom", it is triple Tom ;-)), owner of the SSI blog. I haven't met Tom in person yet but his regular and short and sweet posts are very intriguing to read.
Now, let's get up close and personal with Tom with his detailed answers to my interview questions.

Q1 : Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
I am Tom K, author of SSI, I work during the day and blog as one of the many things I do in my precious time at night. I started blogging in year 2007, was then interested in documenting the many places, events and people in Singapore, that led me to starting one of Singapore’s most well-loved personal blogs then (it is called Singapore Short Stories and then another blog on hair loss, Singapore Hair Loss Support).
I am no longer actively blogging on the aforementioned two blogs as I am focusing on SSI. Blogging experience aside, I am a man who values Health, Family, Career and Personal Development. I like to read widely and learn new things.

Q2 : Are you a full time or part-time investor at the moment?
I seek to be a full-time investor and become financially-independent, hence I am a part-time investor at the moment.

Q3 : When (at what age) did you start investing in shares and who has influenced you the most?
I opened my trading account when I was 28 years old but it was only when I was 30 years old that I bought my first share in Noble Group. That share transaction is not only memorable to me as it was my first investment; the trade is still as of now, my best stock transaction in terms of profits margin; I believe I did a lot of research fundamentally and technically before I clicked the “Buy” button. And you know what? Being my first trade then, my fingers actually shivered after clicking the “Buy” button and I even told my girlfriend (now my wife) about my shivering hands.
A “hot fund” which I bought from a friend influenced me the most in investments. That fund went south by 40% in just one year of holding. I liquidated the stocks, read up widely on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, wealth creation, etc and attended financial events after events. I tell myself I and only I must be responsible for my own monies and investments. Most importantly, the thought of being financially-free and having more time to spend with loved ones, doing things I like, and contributing to the community inspire me to be financially independent.

Q4 : Do you view yourself as long-term (holding shares in years), short-term investor (holding shares in days/months) or mixture?
I am a mixture (in the above sense) of an investor. I buy stocks on a long-term basis with the mindset to hold them for some time. But stock markets now are to me, not as easy as before to navigate, hence given a chance when the stock price has appreciated and is oversold, depending on the stock situation, I will sell the stock and get a good profit.

Q5 : What is your basis of selecting the shares to invest(e.g. basing on fundamental analysis, technical analysis or other methods/sources [share a little bit more details if it is the latter])?
The best advice I would give to fellow investors is to choose a good stock to buy, preferably a blue-chip stock. Even when one is not sure what to buy, one can just buy the index via an ETF and get 3% returns rather than getting no much interests via bank deposits.
These said, I do fundamental analysis too to spot good potential small to middle cap stocks though these days, I must say with the internet, many analysts have given us free and good analysis reports to peruse. Ya, I also use some technical analysis like RSI and for other sources: these can be market news or rumours but trading based on market “noises” can be risky.

Q6 : What is your targeted and achieved annual rate of returns (%) so far?
I do not set a target rate of returns (%) as I trade and invest based on market conditions. However, I keep an excel spreadsheet to track all my open and closed position.

Q7 : What is your most recommended online investing resource (site or blog) to share with our readers?
If you are a retail investor and would like to be together on the journey with someone who seeks to be financially independent via wise investments, trading and wealth creation and management techniques; that would be my blog (SSI).

Q8 : Besides shares, what other investment are you involved in (e.g. Real Estates, Bonds or REITs etc)?
I am an aggressive investor, hence 100% equities with good diversification though.

Q9 : What is your current Shares Investment portfolio size (in range, no need specific)?
What I can say is that, I will want to accumulate enough cash to buy when the STI goes below 2,000 or so.

Q10 : If the readers what to get in touch with you, how to get hold of you? (Sharing of your website/blog/social media profile etc..)
Visit my blog, my email address is there. Readers can also “Like” me on Facebook or “Follow” Me on Twitter.

By now, I am sure you get to know Tom Tom Tom a little bit more! If you like this blog series, you may want to check out the complete list of retail investors that I've interviewed so far by clicking here.

As I said in my earlier post, we all have a story to share, if YOU like interested to be featured in this interview series, feel free to email me at
All are welcome!


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