Friday, June 6, 2014

King Wan (554) - My First Stock With CPF Fund

King Wan Corporation Limited
Recently, there are so much hoo-ha about our CPF Fund and how it was administered by the CPF Board etc. etc. To me, everything we do, there is always pros and cons and there is no way that it can satisfied everybody. Hence, instead of "complaining" about it, why not we just take control of it and invest those invest-able amount (CPF fund) according to our risk appetite?
King Wan Corporation (554) has since become my first Stock with my CPF Fund on 05/06/2014. After reading the Target Price of $0.43 (plus a BUY indicator) by OSK-DMG and doing my own fundamental analysis assessment (which is generally POSITIVE), I've managed to secured 10 lots of King Wan stocks at $0.335 yesterday.
King Wan has declared a 1.5 cents dividend with the Ex-Date of 5th August 2014.
Will update my Portfolio Page soon and do check out my overall portfolio there on the stocks that I am currently holding.
Are you invested in King Wan and what is your sentiment about this stock?
P/S : For your ease of access, here is the 2013 Annual Report of King Wan Corporation Limited.


  1. Hmm, I wouldn't care much about the target price given by brokerage houses if I were you.

    1. Hi La Papillion : Thanks for the advice, will take it with a pinch of salt...;-)


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