Sunday, June 8, 2014

Most Investors Are Avid Readers, MPH Book Sales Is Here!

OK, I admit that I might be over generalized thing here, it might not be true that most investors are avid readers but I am pretty sure that many of you folks like to read (at least online). Nowadays, most of the reading materials can be obtained online (free or paid) in electronic version, however, I do still buy physical books as the physical touch and flipping of the pages do give me a different reading experience.

If you are interested in physical books (like me), do consider heading down to Singapore Expo (Hall 4) tomorrow for the MPH Books Sales. 99% of the books are selling at $5 (5 for $20) or $8 (5 for $35). The sales is on until tomorrow, Sunday (8th June 2014).

Today, I managed to bought the following 2 investment related books at a discount :

Man vs Markets - Paddy Hirsch ($8)

Buy High Sell Higher - Joe Terravona ($8)

Unlike the previous book sales, this time round, there are quite an extensive selection of newer and popular books (fictions and non-fiction), many are as new as 2013.

Oh, by the way, one consistent attribute of the riches is that they READ a lot ;-)


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