Wednesday, June 11, 2014

POEMS' Share Builders Plan (SBP) Looks Like Promising!

Dollar cost averaging
Thanks to the Small Time Investor's latest post (Small Time Interim Portfolio), it reminded me to relook into the Dollar Cost Averaging Investment plan as a way to accumulate my shares portfolio, gradually. I think such regular sharing/investing plan is especially useful for small-time retail investors.
The scheme provider in question is POEM's (Phillip Securities') Share Builders Plan (SBP). After reading through the site, following are the gist that I've gathered:
1. Shares Builders Plan can be kicked start with as low as SGD100 per month.
2. Following are the 20 counters available for selection :
CapitaLandKeppel CorpSembMarineST Engineering
CapitaMall Trust*Keppel LandSGXStarhub
City DevelopmentNOLSIASTI ETF
GLPSabana REITSPHVenture
*With the recent privatization, this counter might not be available anymore!
3. Monthly Amount will be deducted through GIRO on every 18th of the month.
4. The Handling fees are as per following (from POEM's site):
Fees and Charges for Share Builders Plan (SBP)
Fees and Charges for Share Builders Plan (SBP)
4. Dividend (if any) will be reinvested.

5. No lock-in period

6. Can amend the investment instruction through their POEMS platform.

I happen to trade with POEMS and just counter confirmed with my remisier that I need to open the SBP account at their office (Raffles City Tower). I guess the next step is to open an account first ;-)

You can find out more of POEMS' SBP here. POSB has a similar plan called POSB Invest-Saver but it is to invest on ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) only i.e. you can't choose the stock(s) to invest. Click here to find out more.
Are you investing through any such Dollar-Cost Averaging plan? If yes, what is your advise for newbies (me included)?



  1. Check this out for some comparisons. Hope it helps!

  2. Just wondering, why POEMS Share Builder Plan instead of OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan?

    1. Hi naro, Thanks for the tips (I didn't know about OCBC's plan). I've just had a quick look, I guess the limitation of OCBC's is the limited counters to choose from (4). Are you in it personally? Do share your experience here.


  3. Hi Richard

    Do u mean by the privatization of Capital Mall Asia ?

    1. Yes, I am referring to that, unless they are referring to the different counter ;-)

  4. Capital Mall Asia and Capital Mall Trust are both different counters. They are both managed differently if i am not wrong .


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