Saturday, June 28, 2014

Price Is What You Pay , Value Is What You Get Is Applicable To Indulgence Too!

If you are Value Investing practitioner or specifically following the Value Investing guru, Warren Buffett closely, I am sure you will be familiar with his "Price Is what You Pay ; Value Is What You Get" quote. To me, this generic quote is applicable not only to investing, but also to spending (or indulging).

I am a movie buff and like to watch movie in big screen, especially in IMAX 3D for big budgeted Hollywod movies like the recent X-men Days Of The Futhre Past and the upcoming Transformers - Age Of Extinction. In case you don't know, the weekend ticket price for an IMAX 3D movie in Singapore is $22 (it is actually cheaper than Australia and Taiwan). 

Many of you folks might view that this is way too expensive for watching a movie. Those of you who are not particular with the smaller screens and quality, might be able to watch it free at a later stage. Of course, there is no right wrong answer when comes to value. Just like to share some of my rationale of why I find watching movie in IMAX 3D  is value for money :

1. The wider screen, sharper image and cleaner sound system from an IMAX theatre is giving me a whole new movie going experience. I like the way IMAX shaw put it in their advertisement, some thing to the extend of : don't just watch the movie, be part of it! 

2. Value is very subjective, just like some people might spent a lot of money in getting every latest new IT gadgets that come along, to them, it is value for money.

I know, I sounded like just self reasoning for my indulgence but wouldn't we retail investors  do it constantly with our valuation of stocks (via many "proven" indicators) on their might not be proven "ttrue value"?

What is your view?


  1. Money is not ours until we spent it on ourselves or for our loved ones. Else somebody will spend for us without even thinking about it.


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