Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Recap Of My Interview With Investors Series And What's Next?

interview with fellow investors
21 days ago, suddenly had an idea to get to know the peer investors better and hence written the post "I've got an idea...to get to know YOU better!".  Five days later, the first post of my "Interview With Fellow Investors" blog series was born.
Actually, the idea is very simple, to get to know each other better and along the way, create more exposure of each others' online presence (e.g. website, blog and social media etc..). How I did it is to create a list of 10 simple questionnaires for the interviewees to fill-up and once I've received the reply (via email), I will write the post and publish it. That's it!
17 days later, I've already published 5 interview posts (click here for the complete list of my interviewees), so far, all are male investors/bloggers. And the good news is, I might have the very first lady investor/blogger coming on board soon... So, stay tuned!
How I did get the interviewees, you may ask? The answer is very simple : ASK! Yes, I just send my request via email. Of course, I do receive rejection too but that's perfectly OK to me.
So, what's next? I am looking at the possibility of arranging a face-to-face gathering session with the peer interviewees to have a chit chat, talk c**k, sing song session (pardon my language)... 
My fellow interviewees: what do you think? ;-)
Lastly, if you chanced upon my blog for the first time and would like to be featured in my "Interview With Fellow Investors" series, feel free to send me an email to investopenly@gmail.com. Everyone are welcome as I would like to get to know as many investors as possible.  

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