Monday, June 16, 2014

Warren Buffett Says This : Other Guy Read Playboys and I read Annual Reports In This Candid Interview

Warren Buffett
If you are into Value Investing, I am sure you are familiar with the most popular Value Investing guru of our time, Mr Warren Buffett. Recently, while searching for some value investing materials, I chanced upon a candid interview by Stock Market Intel which I thought is the mother of all secret of Mr Warren Buffett's success.
Yes! He literally said this at the end of the 3 minutes plus interview :
Other guy read playboy and I read annual reports.
Of course, it is definitely not as simple as just reading the annual reports but I like his candidness and hence thought it is still an insightful interview clip to share.
I've learned at least 2 things from this short interview alone :

a. Even Warren Buffett also cannot time the market!

b. Always open to the investing opportunity from other market horizon, a Chinese company (PetroChina) in this instant case.

Hope you enjoy the video.



  1. Nice Video! Some quotes are difficult to remember but this one is funny and easy to remember!


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