Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Are The Three Things That Made You Smile Today!?

Yet another humid and hot Sunday afternoon. The best thing to do is to stay at home, on the air conditioner and blog. Since it is a weekend and am in a more relaxing mood, so I've decided to blog anything but...investing.

Being an optimist by nature, I tends to look things at the bright side. I always believed that we cannot control external ACTION (situational or action by another party) but we can definitely control our REACTION.  I chose to react POSITIVELY!

One thing that I did regularly (almost daily) is to appreciate little things that happened around us. You see, big things are hard to come by, hence, rather than appreciating live only occasionally, why not choose to appreciate small things that made us smiles on daily basis? Mind you, most of these things doesn't cost anything ;-)

Hence, I do update "three things that made me smile today" regularly in another online community to remind/motivate myself as well as my readers on appreciative living. Trust me, if you look hard enough, we have never short of things that made us smile everyday! 

For example, a great soft-boil egg plus kaya with peanut toast bread and kopi at Yakun with my wife is my perfect breakfast this morning and it made me smile. I know what some of you might be thinking, it is such a routine and small thing and nothing to smile about. But hey, that's exactly the point, we need to learn to appreciate those really SMALL things!    
Soft boiled egg - almost an art form, this morning!
So, what are the three things that made you smile today?


P/S : Life is not about how big the numbers in your bank account at the end of the day, it is about how many fond moments you have during the journey of life!


  1. Do they still use the large Planta Butter tin for soft boiled eggs?

    1. Errrrr... You means when they serve the soft boiled egg? No, they pre-break the eggs for the customers and when it was served, they are 2 huge eggs in small plate.. I guess uncle 8888 can pay a visit to Yakun once a while liao lol

    2. Yakun was those days when I first started working in Shenton Way and ate breakfast at Old Market Hawker Centre with kopi-O from Yakun.

      Sometime ate those soft boiled cooked in large Planta Butter tin.

      Old man avoids eating too many eggs now. LOL!

    3. OIC. I guess once in a while to have 2 huge soft boiled eggs won't caused protein overdose lar! lol


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