Saturday, June 21, 2014

What Is Your NO-NO In Your Investment Venture

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newbie (like me), I believed there is/are certain area that you deemed as NO-NO in your investment venture. What do I meant by "NO-NO"? They are the steps or actions that you would never do previously, now and in future. 

Just to quote as an example, you will never invest on leverage (i.e. based on borrow fund). This is my NO-NO, by the way. Of course, for some seasoned and skilled trader, this (invest on leverage) might be an opportunity, instead. 

Some of the other potential NO-NO are :

1. Never invest based on recommendation by friend/family member alone

2. Never invest in penny stocks

3. Never invest in certain industries etc...

What about you? What is your NO-NO?



  1. One of my No-No would be never to catch a falling knife, but I do that several times (hand itchy) ;)

    1. Hi B,

      Noted. I interpret the falling knife as the stock in the free fall stage? Thanks for your input. ;-)

    2. Yes Richard. You are right. And probably thsts because a whole lot shortists are shorting the stock but they hv to cover back later on.

    3. Noted! Thanks for the clarification.


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