Friday, June 6, 2014

Which Of These 8 Research House's Research Papers Appeal To You The Most?

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We are all busy man (I assumed) and thus most of the time need to rely on some ready research papers (with all the financial figures/stats) from the Research Houses for our stock investment idea. Personally, I think it is a great way to make use the Research Paper as a basic resource for our own "advanced" analysis.
Having said that, there are quite a number of Research Houses around and each of them have their own set of guidelines and assumption. It is hard to determine which is more right than the other. Hence, for the same counter, different Research House might derived a different outcome with different recommendation and Target Price (or Intrinsic Value). I guess there is no RIGHT or WRONG answer as they are all doing forecasting with the best assumption they know/anticipated (just like weather forecast).
As I am pretty new to the Stock Market scene and hence like to seek out to the pioneers (or "Lao Jiao" [in hokkien]) here to feedback to me on which Research House's Research Paper is most appealing to you? By "appealing" I means their assumption is closer to your appetite and you have a good investment result by following their recommendation (after your own further research, of course).  
To make the selection easier, I've shortlisted 8 popular local Research Houses below which I believed one of them should be your favourite :
1. OCBC Investment Research
2. DBS Vickers
4. Maybank Kim Eng
5. UOB Kay Hian
7. Phillip Securities
8. NRA Capital
If you are relying on other Research House's Research Paper (not listed above) which you deemed reliable, fell free to add them in the comment section below. Also, if you think that any of the abovementioned Research House's Research is CMI (read Cannot Make It), do share your view in the comment section too.
Thank you in advanced!


  1. Most of us learned through this easy path and learn from from it when our backside get burnt. LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Createwealth8888 : Thanks for the link, it is useful read. I will only use them as as a basis and will still do my own assessment before lock-in.

      Once again, thanks!

    2. As expected many will say like what you have said; but beware of Confirmation Bias in investing. LOL

  3. I actually quite like ocbc and cimb because they did quite a conservative approach to valuation as compared to others and also their research is quite thorough. Philips and osk in my opinion are those that stretched thevvaluation to max so usually they are on the opposite side.

  4. Many will cross the same bridge as you. Just that you bother to ask. hee hee!

    Read? Do you know where are rocks? (stocks)

    1. Hi CW8888 Thanks for the additional tips. Lots to learn from you!

    2. So, Uncle8888 (since many of your fans like that call you ;-)), do you know where the rocks are? hehe

  5. I am not sure about you, but for me, I would never ask a barber if I need a hair cut. It go the same when I go to the wet market. I would never ask the fishmonger if their fishes are fresh.

    I would recommend you to read the comments in my blog post (the focus is the comments, not the post) to better understand what I and uncle 8888 are trying to explain to you.

    Note*: focus on the comments

    1. Hi rlecg : Thanks for the advise (about the target price) and the analogy of hair cut and wet market. Personally I think there is slight difference as the research house has not direct benefits like the case in barber adn wet market seller, so I am of the view that their view is not that bias ;-)


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