Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bubblews - This Site Might Change The Social Media Scene And Slowly Build Your War Chest

Have you heard of Bubblews? It is a revenue-sharing Social Media site whereby it pays for the user to post short articles (or bubbles as they called it).

Recently, the site underwent a major revamp and have a major relaunch in US. Coined to be the first Social Media platform that pay for you to write and interact with other bubblers there.

How does it works? 

Basically, the system work something like Twitter whereby you can follow other users and you will get notified when your followers written a new post or interact with your posts (e.g. like or comment on your post). 

Why do you get paid?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a revenue-sharing platform, which means the site is earning through the ads placement on the site and they shared it with the users who write and interact. It is kind of a win-win situation. In fact, other giant like Facebook or Twitter also earning through ads but they keep it 100% to themselves. 

How would you get paid?

For every view, like or comment you get to your post, you will get 1 US cent each. I think this is the most generous revenue-sharing ratio that I've ever seen. In fact, it might be better from Google Adsense's earnings from some of your site/blog. The payment is through Paypal and you can redeem it when you reach the 50 dollars threshold.   

Key to success?

Writing is your passion as you like to write original everyday stuff. Post as much as you possibly can (there is a maximum 10 posts per 24 hours limit) and interact (like and comment) with peers.

How would it help your investing journey?

To slowly build up your war chest. This is not as passive income stream as it seems (as you need to contribute i.e. write and interact with others) but I think this is one of the easiest way to create a new online income stream.

Not convinced? Check out the following interview by Bloomberg TV, with the Bubblews' founders and listen from the horse's mouth :

To find out more of this potentially game changer in the Social Media scene, click Bubblews.


P/S : In case you are trying out the site, feel free to get connect with me me under &investopenly ;-)


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