Thursday, July 10, 2014

Do You Prefer Your Stocks Behaving Like Germany Or Argentina In The World Cup Semi-finals?

World Cup 2014
From this year's World Cup Semi-finals alone, we have witnessed two extreme of style of plays. On one hand, we have a very high tempo, quick moving and exciting match between Brazil and Germany. The score-line of 1-7 speaks for itself how excited the game was (of course, to the Brazil fans, it is more of horror than excitement). On the end, we have a dull, slow moving and defensive match between Argentina and Netherlands. Again, the score-line of 0-0 (after extra time) speaks for itself. To be frank, I regretted waking up early this morning to watch the match as it is VEEEERY BORING.... ;-)
If we akin the flow and tempo of the semi-finals with the volatility of the stocks that we are holding, which style is your preference? Would you rather them (your stocks) to be like the Argentina (i.e. very low volatility and might not move for weeks/months) or like the Germany (i.e. very high volatility and have high intra-day spread?).
Even though I am a Value Investor whom aim to hold on to the stocks for longer term but just like soccer match, I still hope to see more volatility on my stocks instead of "as calm as the placid water". Hence, I am going for Germany!! What about you?
Oh, oh the related note, as the World Cup Final will be between Germany and Argentina, who do you think will be the champion? My prediction of the Top 4 ranking is as per following :


  1. I like one way up for my stocks to multi-bagger e.g. 10-0

    1. CW8888, as long as you "wait-long-long" (no pun intended), I am sure you will have your multi-baggers ;-)

  2. If I am a neutral viewer I would want to see matches like brazil vs germany where there is a lot of excitement.

    If I have a vested interest in the country (as a supporter for example) I rather have a dull match. My weak heart cant take euphoria and extreme depression one week after another.

    1. B : perfectly understand what you meant. I am an England fan so I am expecting an exciting game! ;-) BTW, what is your prediction of the champion?


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